Hello everyone hope you are doing very well, it's been a while since I came here.
So today I will be writing about something very important and necessary.

Have you ever set goals and feel like you will not achieve them.
Have you ever think you did not start very well, so it will not be very easy to do achieve your goals for the year.

Has some occurrences make you feel like stepping down from a goal to something very easy and does not worth you capacity.


I have some tips for you and trust me you need to do them, so as to get what you want at the time you want to have them.

List out you values, concerning all areas of your your life.
Tell yourself what you cannot bend for, no matter what happens.
Articulating your values, will make you not stand for anything, but for something. This helps you to be known for high standards, and opportunities that will come around you, will be what you will go happily embrace.
Articulate your values, so that you will have a strong foundation to stand when achieving your goals.

Building strong relationships with people, would help you achieve a lot of goals. You cannot stand alone, and you cannot succeed alone.
Make sure you build relationships with people that will aid your dreams, with positive people and with people that have similar dream.
If you want to become big in a particular business, make sure your relationship are with people who will encourage you based on their experiences in that field.
Do not relate with someone, who is not positive who will base his judgement on geographical problems, trust issues, finances etc.

Most people hate this part, because they feel that they cannot serve.
It is very pertinent to submit to someone, who have reach that place you are aiming at. They are potholes you would not enter, because you have a mentor, who entered it and sustain an injury.
Your mentor will not let you make the mistakes he made, but rather he will help you cross some roads without having to sustain any injury.

Character will keep you in the top,
every stage of your life, will require character for you you to go through that journey.
You need character to relate with people, you need character to submit to someone, and in the process of learning and submitting to people, you need character to learn.
People respect you because of your achievement but people stay with you because of your character.
People could respect you and and like you because you are famous, but no one will want to stay with a toxic person.
Everyone wants to feel better, so do your best to learn and inculcate good character, so as to remain in the top.

This is very important, as you need to re- strategized for the the next thing, you to do.
Retreats are not just for prayers alone, but one need to sit and plan on what to do next and how to go about it.
If fail and fail again, do not give but retreat and think of what to do.
There are sometimes, you need to stay alone and think just on your own. Soldiers do this a lot as they retrieve from the battle field to re- strategized.
Do not wait until you are defeated before you retreat, do this often.

Do not just plan, but act out those plans.
Some people just plan what they will do, but they do not do it.
If you have plans, then do it.
Do not be afraid to fail, as those scars will make you strong and experienced.
People will always learn from your mistake, and that will make great.
A Man once said that " Scars are signs of victory" if you survived something, then those scars on you will make take precautions and make you strong.


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