Protecting all sides against the Sneak ability.

Hello everyone, welcome to another post about Splinterlands. In today's post I'm going to talk about a strategy that I use a lot when the Super Sneak rule is active on the battlefield.

The Super Sneak rule causes all melee monsters to gain the Sneak ability.

The Sneak ability makes the monster that has it attack the opponent's monster positioned in the last position, this is the type of ability that will focus on the opponent's back-line.

When the Super Sneak rule is active on the battlefield I always try to use a strategy that tries to minimize its impact against my monsters since most of the time my opponents use a lot of melee cards when this rule is active.

For my strategy to work I always use last position monsters that have the Shield ability or the Thorns ability.

The Shield ability will reduce damage taken from melee and ranged attacks by half. As the Super Sneak rule grants the Sneak ability to melee monsters then the Shield ability will be very useful to decrease the damage done by these monsters. My last position monster with the Shield ability will be my main defense in the backline against my opponent's attacks.

The Thorns ability will deal 2 damage when a melee attack hits a monster that has the Thorns ability, this means that the melee monster that attacks a monster with the Thorns ability will take 2 physical damage.

As Super Sneak grants Sneak ability to melee monsters then Thorns ability will be a great choice to deal additional damage to these monsters.

My strategy as mentioned before is to use a last position monster that has one of these 2 abilities or both, that way I will take as much advantage of the Super Sneak rule on the battlefield as possible.

To better explain how my strategy works I will demonstrate it through a battle in Splinterlands.


In this battle I will use the death deck and the Crypt Beetle monster that has the Shield ability to represent my backline defense against the Super Sneak rule.

Watch the Battle

Defending in last position I will have Crypt Beetle and in first position I will have Cursed Windeku with the Thorns ability, but Cursed Windeku will not be very last against the Super Sneak rule as it will be in first position.

My opponent chose less melee monsters than I expected but that won't be a big problem because my strategy will still be very useful against his monsters.

To further strengthen my defense I also selected Ravenhood Warden which has the Protect ability, so it will grant +2 shield to all my monsters.

The battle took place with the advantage for my team since in addition to having a good defense against my opponent's melee monsters I also had the summoner Thaddius Brood that nullified my opponent's summoner Alric Stormbringer and also reduced the life of his monsters by -1.

Several attacks were performed against Crypt Beetle but he continued to resist until the end, Cursed Windeku was also a great defense, although he was not useful against the Super Sneak rule he was very useful defending with his high amount of health and also causing damage. damage with Thorns ability on my opponent's melee monster that was positioned in first position.

After several rounds I managed to achieve victory, choosing this strategy was a great choice and gave me a great victory


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