Hive and crypto saved me!


Hello everyone, i never talked about this before as i remember, well everything started in 2020 March when COVID-19 hit hard and i decided to quit my job, i was working as a machines operator in a company making the plastic parts of vehicles with a humble salary. I focus on my hive blog after that and i started investing in crypto quick sell and buy i worked so hard was sleeping 4 hours and work 20 hours all that to achieve my vision.

In August 2020 i took all my savings and i bought a camera the first professional camera I'll ever buy, and i started learning the basics of photography, i was a smartphone photographer but you know the camera is more advanced it took me about 1 year to know all what should know about it then i started offering my services to the people shooting Graduation sessions , fashion shows , restaurants also i was doing street photography whenever I'm free all these things helps me a lot be the person i am now, it isn't easy to start your own business especially being a freelancer artist in Morocco i am still facing a lot of difficulties but there's no way to go back in life you have to risk if you want to get what you want now I'm doing it again sleeping 4 hours and work the rest hours to achieve my vision as always with the help of hive.

Hive and leo helps a lot of people to start seeing the world from the right perspective and be financially independent building their own business taking the risk because zero risk equivalent zero success ask all the successful people around the world what's your success factor they will say RISK.

The picture above shows the best images i took during this 2 years and half the results i became professional i have about +7000 on photo colour grading/correction i can see I'm independent and i am doing what i love.

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