Green (a tool for hypnosis)

This post of mine is again prompted by @travelcontest's contest. This time with its topic "Green" - for me it's again a nature theme with my brain's automatic associations with forests, mountains, meadows, trees and leaves... plants.



But stop, if I continue to talk on this topic, I risk repeating my own words already written once, i.e. plagiarizing myself 😁. Because this is not the first time I want to participate in such a contest and express my thoughts about nature and green color. And just recently I noticed that there is no difference between my opinion and position on some issue expressed a few months or a year ago and now.



This can mean many things, but mostly that I stand my ground, and when I talk about the same issues I always run the risk of writing the same things I've written before.


In this line of thought, I wonder why no one has yet dared to post in this community. No one wants scientific terms or knowledge to be posted here - this is a place for free writing and expressing thoughts, feelings and experiences related to nature. Nothing complicated and unattainable.

After 1-2 more sentences, I will reach the desirable word minimum, which is set because one could not fully express one's thoughts and feelings in 10 words. Right? But you see how in just a few sentences it is covered...


But let's go back to the topic of the day - Green.
Yesterday, while going through my folders, I found these old photos. This green right here perfectly matches 'that' required green, I told myself.
But on the other hand, these photos are not suitable for the contest because they are not travel photos, so I will NOT enter it with them. 😌


But I wondered why I wasn't able to take such pictures this year.
It is because this year the banana tree in our garden is in a much worse condition than last year.
So, these are pictures of the banana tree in the garden.


I'm not really sure if I can call this plant a tree. It never reaches the height of even a bush. But it is hardly to blame for this - most likely it is its location, as well as the climatic conditions in which it has to grow, responsible for its condition.


Yet when the year is good and it grows well, it manages to grow such lovely leaves, such intoxicating green leaves that hypnotize you... Do they actually use colors in hypnotism for psychotherapeutic purposes, because it is the most suitable color for this in my opinion. I'm sure you'll agree.


Even our Blacky agrees 💚🐱😊

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I can almost see how the time passes by looking at the fiber lines of that green leaf...
Moreover, when a cat agrees with a human on such a topic like plants... that's a sign of something extraordinary! :P


Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 126 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!


The green of the banana tree is kinda compelling and not only does it have psychotherapeutic purpose it also serves medicinal purpose