The enemy in your backyard



I was really angry that day 😆. And I bet every one of you would be if you were me.
Anyone interested in photography. But also anyone who is attracted to nature.

Yes, I know there are many risks involved in owning cats. Risks that things in a person's daily life do not go as planned. But of course, it all depends on the cats themselves. Depends on their own character and their willingness to collaborate with their owners.

What am I talking about?
You see those cute and calm, sleepy creatures on the lawn. Our three fur boys. Our three children. Silence and peace reigns around. It's the nicest company, isn't it?

They have come with me to the backyard, on my daily tour of the garden. They lay down next to me while I was exploring their secret garden. I told you about it - where it is full of all kinds of animals and plants and they love to spend time here.

A few male yellow-winged darters were flying here that day. Beautiful large male specimens.
I had a phone in my hand. I couldn't go into the house to get my camera - I'll have wasted time and they'll probably had been gone before I'm out again. So I tried to shoot with whatever I have at hand.
Dragonflies are scary, you know. They fly away just like butterflies and do not allow to be photographed. But also the capabilities of the phone do not allow to be focused.

But after several failed attempts:



one specimen perched on a dry stem in front of me.

It trusted me. It's standing at close range, waiting for me to get it in focus.

I'm making a first attempt. It's not good.

But the creature was waiting for me. It did not fly off the stalk. I think that every photographer, even an amateur, knows, feels when a creature is waiting for him, when it wants to be photographed.
And then I heard footsteps next to me. Shisho, the biggest freak approached me and the beautiful insect quietly. The insect got scared and flew away. And this was the smartest decision that could be made, because Shisho does not forgive anything and anyone that moves.


I turned to Shisho with irritation and chased him away.


Don't say "oh, poor guy".
He's not a poor guy.


He knows very well what he is doing. Shortly before that, I had already stopped his next attempt to come to me. I had told him to stay in place and wait there, with his two brothers. And he stayed there. Of course, just for a few seconds.


Check out this look. Do you believe he is doing something by accident? Do you believe he doesn't know what he's doing?


How would you explain the fact that his brothers always know what to do, where to go and how to behave, and he always does the opposite. He's just a monster. A spoilsport.
The biggest spoilsport. 😄


And how would you explain the fact that while his brothers rub against my legs and mark me with their muzzles, he appropriately bites my fingers while I'm stroking him and starts nibbling them with his molars forcefully, trying to perforate them. 😱


No, this is not an accident.


I'm telling you, we've got a killer in the house, a spoilsport, but also a killer. Who kills not only mice and any other creatures that are smaller in size than him. 😐

Happy #CaturDay! 🤔 Is it happy? 😄

Copyright: @soulsdetour

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