I've got the best Gang not best friend

"Who's your best friend?"
someone asked.
"Hahaha, don't ask about Best Friend,
I have the best gang",
I replied




Good friends are really rare indeed.
The definition of good friendship is among the few definitions I believe that there could never be a perfect definition for it because the words to describe the relevance are just not enough.

I am the very social type especially around my fellow guys and hence it's not rocket science that I have gang of friends rather than best friends... In everything or activity I've actually done in life, I've got friends at those areas.



I am a student and I have friends here in school, I have friends at home and I have friends at many other places I've gone to including the village (just a few anyway)

It's always fun when you see friends progress in unison, it helps save a lot of jealousy and envy.
It might not be intentional for him or her developing that but then whenever he or she sees you, they will always see you as a reflection of their failure.

On my end, most of my friends are actually progressing in there different choosen life dimensions, we all aren't into academics.
This is something that always gives me great joy whenever we hang out because when everyone is progressing, it's a clear definition of success already.


Will Your Network Have Your Back When Times Are Bad?

The straight answer is Yes and I'm not just answering for writing sake but rather I'm answering out of experience.

There have been quite great number of times when things went bad for me and I have no option other than falling back to my friends and guess what, they delivered.
Just like the popular saying about Ronaldo, he dy always turn up, my friends turned up for me in those grieving moments.

Before I go further, I will like to make a point clear...

Life itself is a two-way dimensional act and so is friendship.
You don't expect your friends to always have your back when you've never had their backs when they needed you the most... That's parasitism and not friendship.

I always respond to the cries of my friends whenever the need arise provided there's no other serious engagement I have and that's why whenever I call them too, they respond to mine.

My group of friends have been very very amazing, we mourn together, celebrate together and look for a way out together in times of crisis without leaving anyone behind.




Good friends should never be traded for anything, when you get one, value him or her so much and never take it for granted because ..
Regardless of how complete you think you are on your own,
Regardless of how perfect you think you are,
It's always about OTHERS.
You can't do it alone because you're not alone on earth.

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Enjoy your weekend 👍


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Nice to hear you have good friends who are there for you in hard times... lucky you.
Not selfish people who hang around like friends. Nice write-up👍