The Weekly BITCOIN Guessing Game


Hello and welcome to this SPinvest post
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Hello Spinvest Comunity,

Welcome to the weekly BTC guessing game, where we navigate the unpredictable realm of Bitcoin, aiming to forecast its upcoming trajectory. The past week proved tumultuous for BTC, with the most conservative predictions here still falling short at $956, when Bitcoin plummeted to a daunting $25.7K. Adding to the uncertainty, SpaceX's rapid sale of Bitcoin assets within 30 minutes and the Evergrande Group's initiation of bankruptcy protection proceedings have sent ripples across the financial landscape. Lingering fear continues to grip the market in the aftermath of these events. As we step into the upcoming week, hopes linger for positive news to rejuvenate the market sentiment. The question remains: will optimism prevail, or are we bracing for further challenges? Engage in this intriguing guessing game as we decipher the ever-shifting dynamics of Bitcoin's journey.

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What do you think a Bitcoin will cost by the end of Friday?

Comment with your guess directly to this post. The bet that is closest to the truth, will win the weekly price. If your bet is exactly to the point, you will win the Jackpot.
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The Prices


The weekly Price

2 Spinvest token for the winner

4 Spinvest token for the winner who reshared (rehived) this post before Friday

As long as we have a bet, we have a winner!
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The Jackpot

200 LEO

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The Rules.


  • provide your tip of the Bitcoin Price in US$ as a comment until Thursday 0:00 CET
  • only one tip per account allowed per individual user; multi-account-users shall only comment with one account, multiple comments lead to disqualification
  • the tip that is closest to the reference price will win the weekly price
  • if there are two tips equally near to the winning value, the one that is given earlier is the winning one
  • a tip that is exactly on spot with the full dollar rounded reference price will win the Jackpot
  • the reference price will be taken from Coingeko; (see the following reference) and rounded to a full dollar number
  • prices are transferred from the @spi-contests account directly to the winning account on the following weekend
  • winners are announced in the respective section of the next game post

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We had 39 valid bets in our last weekly Bitcoin guessing round and the tipps ranged from 26,999$ to 32,900. @youngelder had the right guess, with $956 above the reference price. The bets in detail:

26,043 reference winning price

26,999 @youngelder winner

27,500 @jfang003
27,673 @ddn688
27,778 @geneeverett
27,801 @alovely
27,894 @gillianpearce
27,912 @kelseyimoh
28,019 @cinygirl
28,404 @jorgebgt
28,528 @bntcamelo
28,760 @daniella619
28,895 @dewabrata
28,897 @sahidclement10
28,911 @agreste
28,944 @monsterbuster
29,098 @rosauradels
29,143 @necho41
29,211 @rebe.torres12
29,221 @jhonnygo
29,304 @yova
29,378 @bitandi
29,412 @chrisparis
29,415 @hjrrodriguez
29,432 @erikklok
29,441 @mooontivated
29,444 @fredkese
29,516 @ferod23
29,534 @hoosie
29,556 @master-lamps
29,600 @jnn10
29,876 @coquicoin
29,995 @oldmans
30,000 @synergized
30,001 @jdike
30,388 @rpren
30,500 @braaiboy
31,111 @kryptof
32,669 @fjworld
32,900 @ericburgoyne

Congratulations to @youngelder, who won this little game for the 3rd time. Fortunately, @youngelder reshared the post in order to double his price and got 6 SPI shares.


Good Luck

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HALL of FAME 2022

Accounttotal winnings in 2022
@cinygirl2 - 1x Jackpot
@tokutaro222 - 1x Jackpot
@cervantes4201 - 1x Jackpot
@yhuddee1111 - 1x Jackpot

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shout out to all the people that ever have participated to this game:
@adedayoolumide @aga8ta@aiovo @ajanaku @akumagai @alovely @amaillo @amr008 @an-man @b0s @bagofincome @barmbo @bashadow @beyondhorizonmm @bitcoinflood @biyaawnur @bloggingaddict @bntcamelo @braaiboy @chacald.dcymt @chrisparis @chuyster @cinygirl @coolkris @coquicoin @crazy-unicorn @crrdlx @cst90 @cute-cactus @dagger212 @daniella619 @danoskie @davedickeyyall @dragoka @danoskie @davedickeyyall @ddn688 @desro @dkid14 @dora381 @dragokazo @dterminedsoul @dwayne16 @eddqq @ehizgabriel @elyelma @emeka4 @emma001 @ericburgoyne @erikklok @etiboy56 @eyewaa @fabian98 @failingforwards @faithluck @fatherfaith @fbpowers @femcy-willcy @ferod23 @finguru @firstborn.pob @fjworld @fomofinance @fredkese @gameofcrypto36 @geneticmedia @geneeverett @ghua @gigil @grumbkow @hansvonkatte @harpreetjanda @hetty-rowan @hhayweaver @hjrrodriguez @hoosie @hauseofdavid @hykss @iamchuks @idspecial17 @imfarhad @informationvault @irenavarroart @iskafan @ismaelgranados @jeferybgomez @jfang003 @jhonnygo @jnn10 @joemark @jorgebgt @josediccus @kelseyimoh @kevinnag58 @kristin @lettingo @levi-miron @lordemmy @malopie @master-lamps @mein-senf-dazu @mercurial9 @merrymay22 @minimining @miriammarga @mlrequena78 @monbijou @mrf83 @muratkbesiroglu @myothuzar @necho41 @nenio @no-advice @notak @officialhisha @olddessauer @olympicdragon @oscarpower55 @owlpalace @plint @preshtrump99 @preparedwombat @pocketrocket @podewils pthker2010 @rebe.torres12 @repayme4568 @revise.leo @riandeuk @rikolo @rosauradels @rossbach @rpren @sagardyola @samuelvoncocceji @sarahdavis @schindmaehre @shitsignals @silesiaglogau @silvertop @sinistry @sodomlv @sondershausen @steemstreems @stevescoins @stevermac1966 @takimn @temibot @tfranzini @thecryptodave @thomashnblum @tippingswisdom11 @tobywalter @tokutaro22 @trangbaby @ugomarcel @vanidike @vikbuddy @waliphoto @williamtboy @whispertamesth1 @yeckingo1 @youngelder @yova @zastrowe
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rien ne va plus

These are the valid tips for this round:

22,222 @geneeverett
24,444 @fredkese
25,000 @oldmans
25,119 @fjworld
25,252 @bitandi
25,501 @erikklok
25,879 @cinygirl
25,920 @kelseyimoh
25,950 @yhuddee111
25,963 @bntcamelo
25,966 @merrymay22
25,978 @alovely
25,994 @jhonnygo
25,998 @inemsweet29
26,002 @idspecial17
26,015 @rosauradels
26,016 @preshtrump99
26,028 @yova
26,061 @hjrrodriguez
26,080 @gillianpearce
26,081 @jorgebgt
26,090 @peniel2010
26,103 @houseofdavid
26,120 @youngelder
26,141 @rebe.torres12
26,158 @daniella619
26,219 @ferod23
26,244 @jenam
26,311 @ghua
26,329 @agreste
26,362 @necho41
26,433 @ddn688
26,450 @roger5120
26,458 @miriammarga
26,500 @femcy-willcy
26,666 @thebighigg
26,687 @mooontivated
26,750 @omojuwa007
26,794 @mrf83
26,947 @thegoliath
27,000 @synergized
27,001 @chrisparis
27,123 @coquicoin
27,200 @dewabrata
27,430 @bitcoinflood
27,777 @thedoc
27,871 @jdike
28,501 @hoosie
28,750 @jfang003
30,000 @kriptux
30,388 @rpren
31,000 @sodom-lv
32,900 @ericburgoyne

Good Luck!

@jnn10 @deskofai
unfortunately your value was taken by another player earlier