Final Power-Ups of 2020 ~ Early HPUD ~ Good Bye 2020


They normally say,
Better late than never
But what about
Better early than late?

Hive Power-Up day isn’t until the 1st of January and as I am writing this it is the afternoon of the 31st of December. I chose to swap a little Bitcoin over and purchase a little more Hive yesterday. I’m hoping for that Alt season to hit and Bitcoin to settle down a bit. So I added another 5,800 Hive to my stash and spread it amongst my few accounts. Then I couldn’t just let it sit there... I had to Power-Up that Hive!!

1E1D4AB42AC64520AD6A5EA26FD86B7F.pngFor a Total of 5,650 Hive Powered-Up

With Hive Power-Up Day complete... early... Let’s just go ahead and give 2020 a couple of these...

BD23F84FAC4F426BBDCE034677C86D96.gifYes that is me as Mr.Rodgers - Thanks to the reface app

One thing is for sure... 2020 gave us plenty of room for improvement wouldn’t you say?!?!? Here is to a prosperous, mask free, open restaurants and small business, healthy, kids back in school, happy, successful, adventurous, life Loving and life Living...


Cheers Hivers!!



Your Random
Dose of...

Join us in the Mancave!


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