Opening Packs in Rising Star Game: Profitable or Not?

Opening Packs in Rising Star Game



Rising Star is a free to play game how ever there are some reasons why you really need to buy packs. You can freely earn to this game but when you reach high levels investing or buying packs is one way to maximize your profit. Getting into the game with enough stats can eventually make your account more profitable and enjoyable. There is also some parts of the game that requires you to have some fans before you can possibly proceed. So obviously getting fans through cards inside packs can help your music journey more promising! If you want to enjoy missions then break the limitations of being afraid to invest because this game is proven and trusted. Everyone dreams to get s legendary and if you want too, then grab the shop now to buy packs!


Not all the time you can get profit from opening packs after calculating the spent money with the collected cards. Sometimes you experience loss but it's just normal because the nature of gambling says what it is. Most of the cards you get is rare and the chance to have two rares in one pack is very low. Even the chance to get a legendary is obviously difficult. Only three cards are inside in one pack. When opening it's like you're begging for something you didn't want. Luck is always holding your moment the time you open. So be mindful enough!