👧 A Weird Art, A Girl Art, A Creative Idea, & More! 💟



I would like to show some arts drawn by Mey-Yee, Monkey-B (@sakana), and me. The results are very great. I hope you stopped by.


Mey-Yee have been sleeping at our house for two days already because her grandma had to go somewhere. After we ate lunch I want to teach the kids some lessons because it was raining. I thought them some Khmer words, and math. Even if it is just easy math Mey-Yee still get it wrong. She improved a lot now and her letter are a lot better than before. When she first go to school I can't even read her letters now I can but not all of them. After I taught them I thought about letting them do some fun like drawing for marks.


This is what Mey-Yee drawing and it is very beautiful. I really like her butterfly and that weird looking plant. That sun also looks weird but it looks okay. You can see her letters, the one with a pen mark on it. I really like the style and she is very creative.


This is what my sister drew. I can see that she improved a little. The style looks a bit like my style from six month ago. She even wrote Hive on it. I gave her 9 out 10. It is only for fun not for real. If it is for real I would give her 6.5 or 7 for it. She spent a lot of time on it and she did a great job improving her art.


This is what I drew and I putted some styles on it. I haven't finish it for a long time but today I finished it. I also wrote the old saying "Life is short, enjoy it!" on a heart shaped paper. I cut some cloud shaped papers and put it on the corner of the art. I hope you like my art and I would like some marks too. :D

Monkey B


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