Magnus Carlsen Retired From Chess! (Plus reminder Round 8 of Hivechess , tomorrow Friday 19 GMT)

Dear chess fans!
it is with a great disappointment and shock when we learned today that the current world champion in classical, rapid and blitz chess, Magnus Carlsen, retired from chess permanently because of a lost bet against a chess player who challenged Magnus, and surprisingly won! Please see the full coverage here:

How sad for the chess community!
Apart from this devastating news, it´s Hivechess time again. Round 8 of Season 5 will start tomorrow at the usual time. Please be aware about the summer time change last weekend, so depending where you live, the start time may have changed for you - in doubt just check the start time at the tournament site.

Time Mode: 4+0 (4 minutes per game, no increment), 9 rounds Swiss mode

Tournament Link:

There are app. 200 Hive already in the price pool.

Time zones:

Time difference from Greenwich Mean Time GMT 19.00:

Los Angeles-7 hours12.00h
New York, Venezuela−4 hours15.00h
UTC, GMT, Reykjavik, Bamako, Freetown019.00h
London+1 hour20.00h
Paris, Munich, Madrid, Nigeria, Vienna+2 hours21.00h
Moscow, Les'ky, Istanbul+3 hours22.00h
Beijing, Singapore+8 hours03.00h
Tokyo+9 hours04.00h
Sidney+10 hours05.00h

GMT time converter:


  • For Hivers, Steemians, Blurters and all others!
  • Players of all skill levels are welcome, from newbies to experts, you just need a free Lichess-account!
  • Every Friday is one round
  • Time mode is varying (5+0, 3+2,...), rated, berserking allowed (except in Swiss mode)
  • The winner of each round gets 8 points, the second 7,... and the 8th 1 point. In case two players have the same number of points, the one who played less rounds is first. If that is equal too, then the average tournament performance decides.
  • PAYOUT: This season goes over 11 rounds and the tournament points are summed up. All Hivechess-related post rewards are pooled and 90% go to the price pool (PP). The tournament winner will get 20 Hive bonus and the rest of the PP is divided among all players according to (1) the no. of rounds played and (2) the tournament points achieved (1 and 2 weighed equally), but only if a player has participated at least 3 times (if no games are played in a round it will be not counted)! So everyone has a chance to get something and the more you play the better! With this change the majority of players will get more compared to the previous system.
  • If I don´t know your Hive username, I can´t consider you in the rankings, so please let me know your Hive name in the comments or in the Lichess chat
  • If you have not yet joined our team in Lichess, please do it here, so that you can participate (required for Swiss tournaments only).

Swiss Tournament Rules

There are several differences between the "normal" arena mode and the Swiss mode which needs to be considered:

Arena tournamentsSwiss tournaments
Duration of the tournamentPredefined duration in minutesPredefined max rounds, but exact duration unknown
Number of gamesAs many as can be played in the allotted durationDecided in advance, same for all players
Pairing systemAny available opponent with similar rankingBest pairing based on points and tie breaks
Pairing wait timeFast: doesn't wait for all playersSlow: waits for all players
Identical pairingPossibleForbidden
Streaks & BerserkYesNo
PointsWin:2, Draw 1, doubled if on fireWin:1, Draw: 1/2, Not paired: 1
Late joinersget no pointsget 1/2 point gift
Requirement to be in our teamnoyes

Of note, the number of rounds is limited by the rule that no identical pairings are allowed. In other words you will play only once against a specific opponent - this is maybe the biggest difference compared to arena tournaments.

Please share this announcement among your (chess) friends and colleagues!
The more participate, the more fun! And maybe some are even interested to join Hive and it´s Chess Community?

Good luck to All!

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прекрасная победа над старым королём в устаревшую игру. Пусть приходит в шахматы по правилам Фишера:)a beautiful victory over the old king in an obsolete game. Let him come to chess with Fischer's rules :)
Well, for less than 5min I no longer play and continue march out for division of blitz and bullets into different tournamentsНу а меньше 5мин я больше не играю и продолжаю выступать за разделение блица и пули на разные турниры

You got me for 5 seconds XD

I hope to give a better result tomorrow in the tournament :)


Nice April fools. You got me :)


Interesting that the user chose Magnus Carlsen sitting in front of the castle of Karlsruhe. Next to the Castle is the Bundesverfassungsgericht. THEY actually retired long ago...


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