Why HIVE Blockchain Took Birth ?


Hello guys

Well about a month back from now he was Justin Sun who bought Steemit Inc and at that time period many controversies already arose about the ownership of Steemit Inc. As people very unhappy over Ned and his decision of getting out of it and selling Steemit to someone else.
But at that point nobody could even imagine the state that is gonna happen after a month which is currently which is at the present. No one could have imagined the state of Steem blockchain the way it is at the moment just a month back when even Justin Sun bought it.
Well normally whenever you think a someone buying company you generally feel that they are having a plan or something with which they've got and can implement those things very soon in a positive direction so that the company can grow even more and can rise with huge development.
But in this case till now, even today we didn't see anything from Justin Sun's side that could be termed as a developmental move or something that could be positive for Steemit Inc or even the same blockchain
The moves that he took really drastic and all of them were against the will of the steem community.
The main point is that he didn't care about anyone's opinion for the thing he thought was that whatever he was doing for that it is right and he was just doing it in a way that he didn't care about anybody
His moves clearly reflect the mindset of a dictator who just wants to see people accepting whatever he does. but unfortunately he did try it at a place where the people are the community which was present over here was really very strong and reform in their opinions to be heard
Right from the first day did infuriated many kinds of annoyance between the people as with the first thing he mentioned was of the token swap where are all the steam tokens will be scrapped to TRon tokens
Which the community heavily opposed and also reflected their annoyance over the issue


After which he did implement the sock puppet accounts where he tried to dethrone all the former witnesses of steem with votes by the community and did implemented his powers financially to use some exchanges by which he did made sure that is sock pupper accounts are in the consensus
To which to the community fought back and within just 12 hours the same community took back consensus from Justin Sun's accounts

And now finally we are having one way to completely dump Justin Sun away from all beautiful community as he came in here to kill steem and the steem blockchain and also the steam community and all of his actions show that thing only
But fortunately we are having something which can completely extinguish the Flames that grows by Justin Sun and we can be a gain the peaceful place where we can be happy be creating engaging and enjoying the community to the fullest.
In just less than a day now we are gonna be having the HIVE blockchain where all the community members are welcome with all their financial things mirror completely into the blockchain and it is a hard fork of STEEM and it is having all the steem codes into it and we gonna be having a similar core interface upon their and the most important thing is that many Dapps are moving to Hive blockchain completely living STEEM as well as the developers too are also moving to HIVE blockchain which is why we are gonna be having the same atmosphere which we had upon STEEM blockchain before Justin Sun came and one more thing which is very great is that Justin Sun and all his accounts and all those accounts which has the Steemit Inc. Ninja mined stake are not gonna be allowed to enter over there

A very new chapter is about to begin in the crypto space and we are receiving support from everywhere from number of the apps from number of exchanges and from almost every aspect in the trip to space so this really feel very good and in less than a day we are gonna be having the Hive blockchain mainnet launch.




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