Locating the Treasure after 8 decades of Investment.


In India, it has been said that Investment in real estate is the best thing to do. The value of real estate has appreciated significantly in recent times. However, how do you know how deep the well go, unless and untill you get into it. In a significant turn of event, we unearthed a hidden property of ours which was owned by grand father. It happens to be a peice of land far away (approx 120km) from our home.


Our grandfather bought that land 8 decades ago in around 1952 while he was posted in the cooperative bank branch. The cost at that time was only Rs. 300 INR. Our parents and also our generation were aware of it, but never able to locate that piece of land physically. Todsy, we decided to go their and see how things have been around or weather we able to locate it. After good amount travelling and then physically searching for that we able to track it down.


With the "grace of God" that piece of land remain safe till now. It was a bigger plot piece, and some local poor people made their home at a smaller portion of thst piece of land. But knowing that who we are they soon recognize our grandfather. My grandfather was a great human being and always did good deeds. Just imagine at that era he used to travel their in cycle carrying jalibis (indian sweets) for the poor kids. And that kids have grown up and still remember our grand father. That was so Incredible to know.


Now that piece of land is worth around a crore. And many plotting were done in the nearby areas. What used to be a open ground long back have turned into a good locality. However still the people needs to occupy that area. The area was not so populated but many people have built up their boundaries in their piece of land. Showing that people have started to take Interest in that area. That is a good sign for future prospect.


Our next step.

As we have located it, now we going to build the boundary wall. It is always good to protect own property, rather than keeping them openly


Investors in the neighboring areas have done on their piece of land. Only ours ate remaining idle. Which is quite evidient as we never cared for it. We always consider it to be safe.

My takeaway.

In throughout the hectic days that we spent far away from home, I learned two important things. Firstly, good souls / human being are still present to safeguard the humanity. Considering those poor people who have been staying their since long, and never ever try to capture our land. Secondally, that when you do investment in real estate, always try to do at places which is easy approachable and near to your home. As this piece of land is remain idle for 8 decades without being monitored by its actual owners. In this greedy time, this is really a magic that our grandfather investment is so safe.


No doubt, investment in real estate is always profitable. Just imagine a mere Rs.300 of I vestments turns into a crore in 80 years. And still it will appreciate further as progress and development take place in that area. That turns out to be a treasure for us. Though we are not hurrying up on anything but gradually we need to take that piece of land in our hand. What we will do next will depends upon its usage. But we are planning to.open a school for poor, in memory of our grand father.


Namaste @steemflow


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