Sight seeing at the bank of Sangam


When we go out somewhere, we try to explore unusual or new things that comes across us. While I was at Sangam, for the ash Immersion, I find certain new things. Even in the hot afternoon the local hawkers, camels , and few artist displaying their talent. One who helped us to rest under a tree, showed what he used to do even his living. He is a sandalwood artist who make arts to the visitors. He convince the visitors by make few of them in their hand.


He has few of the clients waiting under the same tree for his art work. Another important things, that we all need in the hot afternoon is a glass of fresh sugarcane juice. This is the only thing that, people look out for, to kill their thirst.


The sugercane juice machine is differrnt from the usual machine that we see in our place. Here the machine is completelly manual. The machine at our place is run by generator. But at sangam, the machine is managed by rotating a lever.


The juice seller, 3-4 piece of cane and put them in between the machine. The machine squeezed out the juice of. He keeps on doing the same by pressing the canes multiple times.


After assuring every drop of juice were squeezed out, he handed over the glass full of juice to me. He mix few drops of lemon and black salt to make it bit healthier, as both of them digestion.


Being afternoon time, the site looks very deserted. There is complete barren piece of land, which gets crowded during kumbh or other important festivals. Good to see people enjoying such nice place.


This was a quick trip so unable to explore much. But while taking rest , we ended up noting all these little glimpses of India.

Peace !!

Namaste @steemflow


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