Analyses of the APE Top 100 Holders


Hi everyone,

I have an increased interest in the APE token, and for this reason I went through the APE Richlist to share with you some observations.

First of all, it is no surprise that the @null account is the major holder of APE. This is the policy of the APE Mining Club:

70% of all APE used to buy miners is burned.

The second major holder is the @apeminingclub, which is the account used to distribute the rewards. This account is also to be skipped from my analyses.

The third major holder is the @blockheadgames, which is the account that is administrating the platform. This account is also to be skipped from my analyses. According to the policy:

10% of all rewards goes to Blockhead Games.

Now looking on the date, these are my observations:

  • to enter the top 100 you have to have more than 10.253 APE
  • 29.31% of all circulating APE is burned.
  • the richest independent account (@trostparadox) has 3.59% of all APE released in circulation
  • the Top 10 holders own a total of 12.87% of all APE in circulation.
  • the Top 100 holders own a total of 18.91% of all APE in circulation.
  • many well-recognized accounts are present in the Top 100.

Chain note: when publishing this article, APE last trade on Hive-Engine at 0.45 HIVE / $0.336.

Yes, APE Mining Club is still in the early phase. With it's huge annual return rates, and a fair distribution of the APE holdings, the future is interesting.


I own already some miners, and I'm also present in the TOP 100. As long as I believe in the future of APE Mining Club, I will continue to promote it.

Please make your own invest decisions. I hold no responsibility for my advices.


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Bro, seriously.... what the hell you think you are doing? After giving such information out. Yet, you are not willing to take full responsibility?

Do you know the impact that you are going to create in society? You're just going to widen the gap between the have and have nots. Everyone who reads this is going to be rich and what you gonna dol
about those who didn't hahahaahahahahaha. To close the gap, I'll be sharing your post too hahaha



I'm not sure that I understand what responsibility I have to take :)
Here everyone is on his own.

Thanks for sharing!