Don't Worry Darling

I saw Don't Worry Darling the other day. Impressions:
For those who are bored to read more - yes, the movie is ultimately a disappointment as it has individual good to great elements that could have given a much more interesting result.

(Warning, moderate spoiler)

But, here is my somewhat hot take, it's not the wreck you expect when you see, for example, the score on RT. Wilde, whose excellent directorial debut Booksmart is well worth checking out, shows that she has vision and knows how to set up interesting scenes while composing an overall convincing picture of the film's "world", while she is equally good at teaching and directing the actors. , eliciting a strong central performance from my favorite Florence Pugh and generally good performances from all the actors (Pine has a blast as the villain), with the unfortunate exception of Styles who, as much as his performance here evokes Sinatra in his youth, he is simply "likable", and certainly very little compared to Florence.

In the pluses of the film, the cinematography by Arronofsky's stable partner, Matthew Libatique (also A star is born, Straight outta Compton, Gothika, Iron Man 2, Phone Booth, Inside Man, etc.), the impeccable production design and the costumes, the score and retro music editing. But all the above positives are overshadowed by the worst script, which I really can't believe was for some years on the famous Black List (Hollywood's unofficial list of the best scripts that have not yet been made into films). It's clearly what leads me to believe that the backstory of the film is much deeper and spicier than all the gossip we were treated to last summer/fall. Here obviously a lot of cutting and sewing has been done and countless interventions have been made, as a result of which the original interesting premise goes for a walk and the ball is lost, especially approaching the finale. Kiki Layne's statement - whose role was originally intended for Dakota Johnson, so it certainly wasn't a cameo - that most of her scenes were cut is telling. Too bad, because really the whole concept was very promising and could make a very good sci-fi movie. Who knows, maybe someday, after years, a director's cut will appear that will live up to the initial expectations.

Of course, it goes without saying that the gossip and the entire promotion also undermined the film, with the director e.g. dropping spoilers talking about the influence of the Truman show etc. Let's see - after the holiday, of course - how well Nope did, reverently keeping its surprises script, but even if they are mainly exemplified by his exemplary and fully developed screenplay that did not hesitate to take brave decisions and at the same time did not leave anything to be desired.

So in the end we have an interesting, likable entertainment film that is worth seeing once for the positive elements I mentioned above and especially for Florence. In any case, and I conclude my hot take here, the film does not deserve such negative treatment and criticism, as I can think of several would-be blockbusters that were much worse and had a better fate, and I believe that part of the "problem" was itself director and the prejudice against her. Personally, I'll be looking forward to seeing her next films - luckily Don't Worry Darling did relatively well commercially, so she'll probably be given more opportunities.

Rating : Gay


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