How to earn WOO? Part 1



What is WOO?

WOO, aka Wrestling Organization Online is an upcoming play2earn game on the Hive blockchain about wrestling. They aim to bring back territory wrestling, where the wrestlers are tradeable nft's. The launch for the game is aimed to be in Q3 of 2023. To be able to launch, they already sold out 60k WOOalpha packs through various sales through 2022. Their WOOAlpha general sale sold out in 99seconds! Besides the wrestlers and managers which could been found in the card packs, they also need cities (often called land plots, but in WOO, we talk about cities). For more information about the ongoing city sale, check out:

A lot could be said about WOO, to get more information about WOO in general, check out the posts of @wrestorgonline and make sure to join their discord:


How to get $WOO?

Writing your own posts on hive about @wrestorgonline could earn you some curation rewards in the form of hp and/or hbd. These rewards you could use to scoop up some $WOO or cheap cards or cheap packs.
@wrestorgonline is actively curating posts which use the #woogame hashta g and/or are posted in the WOOgame community, so don't forget that one. In the discord which I mentioned earlier is a channel dedicated to WOO posts aswell, so don't forget to post your write-up there aswell!
Ofcourse your posts need to have a certain quality in them. So low effort giveaways will ofcourse not get you an upvote or not a big one. If you need some inspiration about WOO topics, feel free to check out my posts (@stekene) to get some inspiration. ;)

If you write a nice post about WOO, don't forget to share your post on other platforms aswell. For example, if you share it on Twitter, you could make use of #posh from @acidyo to earn some extra posh token rewards aswell.

Another possibility is to share your post on #threads from @leofinance They recently launched their new UI, which is quite awesome if you would ask me. Those threads are quite similar to Twitter, you post a message with maximum 240 characters. When you share your hive article on threads using the #gosh hashtag, you'll get again some posh token as a reward.

So, if you're trying to get some funds to buy $WOO, I'm convinced that writing qualitative posts could be a nice addition to some other more passive ways.