How to earn WOO? Part 2



What is WOO?

WOO, aka Wrestling Organization Online is an upcoming play2earn game on the Hive blockchain about wrestling. They aim to bring back territory wrestling, where the wrestlers are tradeable nft's. The launch for the game is aimed to be in Q3 of 2023. To be able to launch, they already sold out 60k WOOalpha packs through various sales through 2022. Their WOOAlpha general sale sold out in 99seconds! Besides the wrestlers and managers which could been found in the card packs, they also need cities (often called land plots, but in WOO, we talk about cities). For more information about the ongoing city sale, check out:

A lot could be said about WOO, to get more information about WOO in general, check out the posts of @wrestorgonline and make sure to join their discord:


How to earn $WOO part 2

A couple of days ago I already wrote about how someone could earn $WOO. You can find my article about Liquidity Pools in which $WOO is involved in the link provided.

As there are plenty of other ways to receive $WOO, today I'll write about a different way. In my opinion, it's even the most fun way: Being active in the WOO community

Since a couple of months WOO got added to the TIP.CC discord bot. I can confirm that already quite a lot of WOO has been given away through this bot. What does this bot do? You can use it on discord to drop a package of woo, organise a trivia question with some woo rewards, airdrop some woo,... So what are you waiting for? Join the WOO discord:
BTW: @wrestorgonline is also good in dropping around some free $WOO in the discord ;)


Another way of engagement are the Zealy challenges, explained as follow:

Zealy is a platform on which you could post challenges for your community. For example social media challenges or other content creation challenges. For every task you complete, you could get some points for the leaderboard and/or some other rewards. For completing some tasks, you get some $WOO aswell. After a certain period of time, called a sprint, the people in the leaderboard get some extra rewards aswell.

So in short, you fullfill some challenges and you'll earn xp. At the end of the sprint, on the first of May, prizes will be given out. You can join it here


A third way of engagement is by writing articles / replies to existing articles about WOO. Don't forget to post your posts in the above mentioned discord and if it's quality, I'm sure @wrestorgonline will pass by to upvote your content!

That's it for today, as I said there are plenty of ways to earn $WOO so I'll probably continue this series in the near future ;)

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