Favorite of Our House | Senecio Rowleyanus 🌺🌱


I am here with the most favorite plant of our house. His name is Senecio Rowleyanus and he is only two years old. Actually, it would have been much longer, but everyone who comes to visit our house definitely wants a piece of it from us.

It looks small for its age as we cut it off and give it to anyone who wants it. We positioned it on the balcony that we closed with glass in our house. In the summer, we water every soil when it dries. We usually watered one day apart this summer.
It is a very simple plant to care and propagate. It is reproduced by directly planting the piece that we cut off from the ends into the soil. After we grew it in a small pot, we switched to a large pot.
In the large pot, we took care to fill the top of the soil first. We laid each growing branch on the flower pot in a circular shape. Until there is no room at the bottom of the pot. Over time, the branches we deposited grew and began to sag.
Before sagging, the bottom parts must be filled in this way. The plant you see in the picture is the plant that I propagated separately for myself this summer. You see how I spread the outstretched branches. This allows the plant to develop better.
I hung the flower pot I planted in the summer on the glass balcony and as you can see, it started to sag too. This technique works very well for this plant. From now on, we will give it to those who want it by plucking from the plant we just planted.
Senecio Rowleyanus blooms in white. It did not flower at all in the first year, but this year it bloomed again every month. The appearance of its flowers is somewhat reminiscent of the Dandelion plant.

Of course, it's not as volatile a flower as it is. The flowers usually stay this way for about a week and then wither. When the faded ones fall, new ones appear. Plants of the hanging ivy type have always been my favourite. I wonder how long this will last.

About Care in Brief;

Irrigation should be done frequently in the summer period.

It should be watered less in winter as it goes into sleep mode like other plants.

Try not to get water on the leaves. You can choose a syringe for this. If it gets as big as ours, the syringe may be insufficient. In this case, we open an area with our hands and water it from there.

Soil must be water permeable. We usually mix perlite and coconut peat into the plant soil.

We have never used it, but you can give plant foods.

It likes warm and humid environment. Direct sun in the open area is harmful to the plant. You can position it in front of the glass like us. During the day, the environment should be ventilated. (We ventilate our plants by opening the window almost every day.)

I hope these experiences will be of use to you. You can let me know what you want to ask in the comment section. Take care of yourself and your plants until we meet again.


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Senecio Rowleyanus is a very beautiful flower and I cherish it.
I would have come to get some of it if I were a resident of your nation.
I adore how she spreads and flourishes, and how much ground she can germinate on.
Thank you for telling us about the maintenance. I learned from it, you are amazing


If you were here, I would definitely have it for you. Thank you for your valuable comment 😊