Girls' Day - Istanbul GalataPort πŸŒ·πŸ•ŒπŸŒ‰




I mentioned that I went to Istanbul recently. My dear friend had a birthday and I wanted to be with him on this special day. He had a severe flu and had been trying to recover at home for days.


Thinking that the sea air would be good for her, we went to Galataport in Istanbul. This place has been a favorite place for everyone lately. There are dining and shopping venues along the beach.


The view of the Bosphorus, which connects the continents of Europe and Asia, is uniquely beautiful. It is possible to see the hill where Topkapi Palace is located from the cafes on the beach. Topkapi Palace takes 45 minutes from Galataport.


I must say that this place, which is frequented by Istanbul residents and cruise ships, is a bit crowded. Many tourists come here to shop. After shopping, restaurants on the beach also relax by eating. It was a bit crowded as we went with the girls on the weekend. It was a little difficult to find a place in the cafes, but we finally got a seat. After eating and chatting, we took a walk on the beach.



Galataport was almost ready for the New Year. Many places had decorations. I'm sure these decorations would look much nicer in the evening, but since my friend was sick, we didn't stay too long. Beach nights were very cold. We didn't want him to get any more cold and sick. After watching the sunset, we said goodbye and dispersed to our homes.


Despite everything, we had a good time with the girls. We missed each other so much. We went into a place and made a little surprise for my friend's birthday. He liked it very much because he likes understated celebrations. I wish you always happy in the new year. It has a very important place for me. I will continue to be with him for the rest of my life.


It was also important for our little friend today. We were very happy to host him especially. Azra enjoys spending time with us. Since he likes to hang out with our group of friends, he immediately accepted when we invited him. I think he just wants to grow up very quickly and be like us. I think I would like to be in his place. I wish I was small and young like him. Time flies so cruelly. However, I am happy with my current situation. Because I have gained a lot of experience, including bittersweet. These formed my current character. I am glad that I lived through those bitter and sweet days. I wouldn't be "me" without them.


Take good care of yourself until we meet again. If you come to Istanbul, don't forget to stop by here.


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