One More from Crestline: Kayaking on Lake Gregory [CCC's Street Art Contest #90]

I know, there is another CCC's Street Art Contest being held, and I feel almost ashamed to post in it. The last couple weeks I've managed to avoid participating by giving myself cheap excuses, but ever since then... no new murals have appeared. Or let me just say: on my walks through the forest I did not come across even one mural. No kidding!

Anyway, there is one wall painting I've taken a photo of, and it's been waiting for its turn to be posted. So here it is, just so that I can get it over with. It's located at a gas station, where the town of Crestline meets its main attraction, Lake Gregory. As you can see, the place prides itself on offering such fun activities as kayaking, which is cute and all, just like the "lake", which is really a benign sized water reservoir.


As such, the image itself is not nearly as spectacular as I like them to be, and frankly as most entries to this contest tend to be. Being painted just outside the gas station also explain the propane gas tanks. The artist(s) behind this piece is also the Genesis Mural Co, just as the the other two murals in this town, which you can find in my Murals of the Angles series.