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'Thriving On Hive'?

Trying to get back on track, this is not as easy as I would like for it to be. I try to do this post on Monday right after the week ends, so this weeks is closer to normal than last weeks. Hopefully I'll be back on schedule next week & trcking my activity again.

This Week's Tracking Sheet

This week you'll notice that my tracking sheet is emptier than usual, it's not that I didn't do the work, it'more that with me being ill and all I didn't keep good track of my activities like I usually do. This is okay though because I know I did most of the week but just didn't write everything down.

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Now here you may notice that everything is not on my tracking sheet as it is on the goals, the reason being is that I just don't do that thing or it's not for me. It's not about my comfort zone either. I don't play Splinterlands so there's no need to include it in my daily activity. I also left out D.C.A. to hive daily, not because I’ve already reach goal 1 but because I just don't have it like that and I try to DCA on a weekly basis when I'm doing my weekly goals update.
See Ya next week!!

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What's this 'Thrive on Hive'?

Well this is the latest challenge I'm doing from the CTP tribe. the goals have been laid out & the tasks of how to get there have been set. I have already achieved goal 1 but that doesn't mean that I stop doing the tasks. I will post periodically (weekly at minimum) to report my successes and failures (if any).

Here's the Goals & Task as set forth;

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