ASEAN Hive Community Challenge #41 | Folk Medicine - "KADHA" For cold cough

Hello my dear friend @sanjeevm and Also My HIVERS friends and also @asean.hive community friends.
I hope you are all is very happy and enjoy your life with your family and also your health are very amazing.

Friends you all know one thing that winter season is going on now. And due to the fact that there is a lot of cold in the environment, mainly viral infections are on a large scale and due to that, many people get diseases like cold and cough. And it is more common in winter. We also have an increase in people getting colds and coughs. Many go to the hospital and take medicine for it.
But friends, in India, for these viral diseases, first of all, a home remedy is made to cure cold and cough by using some home remedies. And cold cough is definitely cured after drinking this decoction. In my house also this kind of decoction is done, whenever anyone in our family has a cold cough or some viral infection, my mother prepares it in her traditional way and gives it to us to drink.
This drawing of my mother's drawing is taught to my mother by my grandmother. Friends let me tell you one thing in India there are many remedies and home remedies for this viral infection which are available in every Indian home kitchen. And these home remedies have been mentioned many times in Ayurveda and in India since long ago such decoctions and such remedies have been prepared and through them such minor ailments have been cured.
And such remedies have been made in India since ages. Friends, if I insisted my mother to make this recipe today, I will briefly tell you how it is made.

Following are the things that are required to make this drawing.

1 clove
2 cinnamon sticks
3 black pepper
4 ginger
5 Turmeric powder
6 mint leaves
7 basil leaves
8 jaggery

First of all, take a glass of water in a vessel and while boiling the water, grind the ginger in it first. Then add mint leaves and tulsi leaves in it. After boiling this thing, all the remaining things should be put together in that water and the flame of the gas should be very fine and all these things should be boiled in that water. This should be boiled until about one glass of water is reduced to half a glass of water.

And then at that time there will be water left in the pot around half a glass of water, then turn off the gas and drink this prepared extract by straining it. And drink it the way you drink tea. And preferably drink this decoction after dinner before the time you are going to sleep and after that you should sleep. Also the most important thing is that after drinking this decoction you don't want to eat anything and also don't drink water.
Friends, the taste of this curry is quite good because jaggery is used in making this curry. And the most important thing is that by using these different types of home remedies, actually drinking this decoction gives very good relief in viral infections like cold and cough and I have a very good experience with this decoction, my cough has been cured many times.

Thanks you very much @justinparke for this another enjoyable challenge here at Asean Hive Community.



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making the original drink is very good to drink, thank you for sharing friends

Thanks for posting in the ASEAN Hive Community.

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