Congratulations..! First Stake Proofofbrain POB Token


Hello friends I will always praise the Proofofbrain platform that I have been using and sharing content with for the last 2 days. That's why I'm going to use POB more now. I recently purchased POB tokens from Hive engine. But I bought a small amount. I may get more in the future. By purchasing POB tokens I have Staked and Powered. If I buy more POB tokens, I will have more power. I think owning POB Power will be good for me and for the community.

My wallet is already here. I've staked 8 POBs, hopefully I'll do more. I'm not counting that little.

I love writing, communicating with people and chatting. That's why I use blockchain blogs that are helpful to people. Proofofbrain is also a part of them.

I'm @sunsan Thank You For Reading