Bought Another pack.

I am playing Rising Star game regularly and accumulated nice amount of Starbits in my game account. So today I decided to give a try to buy a pack in the game. And I get below cards on pack opening in the game.


I checked the prices of these cards in Market and I found that Desktop Mic is priced for 4300 Starbits approximately and buster are price approximately at 600 Starbits and drew are priced for 890 starbits each and that makes total of 5290 Starbits against 10000 Starbits.

Hopefully I will get some nice epic or legendary in my next card pull that I am planning to do later when the new cards will be released.

This pull also increased my fan count by 10 only, which is sufficient to go ahead and complete further missions. Inorder to complete Acoustic Tent Mission I need to be on 45 Level. But now I am on 40 Level.

Currently I have lot of "Buster" that increase my skill points(in which I am already doing good) but I lack fans.

I will be happy to trade my 10 skill Buster with 10 Skill fan. Buying the card from market is another option but I will like to Starbits to try my luck on opening packs.

Hope you all enjoyed my post and if you like to play RisingStar game, then you can play the game here.

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