The Classical Music and Their Effects

It is widely accepted that the classical music and their effects have had a huge and long lasting impact on the human race. This effect is not limited to just one part of the world but has taken on a global meaning. The popularity of classical music has led to the understanding of other cultures and their pasts. This has been achieved through many movies, documentaries and concerts. Not only do these give us a glimpse into the past but also help us understand the present and the possible futures.

The classical music and their effects can be found all around us. A walk through any city will show you an abundance of shops and places that are named after it or contain a reference to it. The classical music has also influenced a lot of pop songs. The biggest influence of the classical music and their effects has been seen in the world of pop. Pop stars like Madonna, Elton John and James Morrison are just some of the people who have released songs that utilize the classical music theme.

The classical music has also influenced a lot of literature. Many great writers have used this theme in order to write something that is meaningful to them. One of the most famous movies of all time, "A Few Good Men" is a perfect example of how the classical music can influence the audience. The movie is centered around an innocent and simple man, who becomes a conscientious objector during the war. The main theme of the film is the struggle of freedom and individuality. The themes of the film are so real because they are what really affect us as individuals.

The influence of classical music can be found in many different forms of modern music as well. New Age artists have also been influenced by the classical styles. The blues was greatly influenced by the music and rhythms of Beethoven. In the next section we will take a look at how he influenced the rest of the musicians. Most of the early music was recorded by bands who were based in Europe.

During the 1960's New movies were often made about the classical music and their use would often times be shown during the movies. For example, Ben-Hur used much classical music in the background during the opening and closing scenes. The same thing was done for other movies such as Rome, Excalibur, and Scarface. It was common for films to use classical music during special moments such as when an orchestra was playing at the climax of a movie. For instance, the song "Waltz" from symphony No. 5 was used at the conclusion of E.T.

The classical style of architecture was very popular during the Classical period. Most of the common buildings we see today which are based on classical designs or structures were built during that time period. Many non- Classical cultures around the world still use classical music and their influences on their non-conventional thinking. An interesting example is the way the Chinese use the Chinese compass.

We have just gave some an example of how the classical style of architecture shaped the forms of buildings and other forms in our society. But did you know that it is possible that classical music can still have an effect on future pop creations? How can this be possible? In a way it's similar to how people's tastes in art change over time. As technology and other things change the way we view art, music is also likely to do the same.

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