Desert On Polaroid

Hello guys....

Today I'm going to draw again, it seems like I've been drawing quite a lot lately, I'm in a good mood to try to make some new drawings. This time I will draw a polaroid with a desert landscape in it, as usual I saw this picture on Pinterest and wanted to recreate it, but on Pinterest I only saw a picture without color and I was interested in coloring it too.

This time I will draw on A6 sized watercolor paper with a thickness of 200 gsm. Because this time I will draw using watercolors so I will use Watercolors from the Joyko brand, drawing pens with 3 different tip sizes, round brushes, and pencils.

I'm going to start by drawing a rough sketch, I'm drawing a polaroid, then inside the polaroid I'm going to draw a desert with hills, sky and cacti. Then outside the polaroid I will also draw some flowers.

Then I'll redraw using a drawing pen, for the outer polaroid lines I'll use a drawing pen size 0.8, while the inside and fine lines I'll use a drawing pen size 0.1, then for deserts and flowers I'll draw using a drawing pen size 0.5. if everything has been redrawn using a drawing pen then erase the draw using a pencil using an eraser.

Then I'll start coloring using watercolors, first I'll start coloring the desert in brown, then the sky in blue, the hills in orange, the cactus in dark green, the sun in orange and the clouds in light blue. Then I also colored the polaroid in light gray, then the flowers around the polaroid I colored the flowers in yellowish green.

Because the lines I drew using the drawing pen were covered in watercolor, so I'll redraw everything with the drawing pen again. And finally I finished drawing it, it looks colorful and suitable for display in my room.

Alright, that's it for this time. I will show again what I did in the next post.

Thank you for reading my post and don't forget to read my other posts.