Enola Holmes 2: The Best Netflix Film Of 2022

Dear Hivers,

Enola Holmes 2 is officially my favourite film of 2022!

Honestly, for a while now I have been looking for an excuse not to end my Netflix subscription and Enola Holmes 2 showed up.

In my opinion, all of the Netflix releases this year except for Stranger Things and now Enola Holmes 2 have been terrible.


I had seen the previous Enola Holmes and when this was released, I was curious to find out what it was going to be like.

So, here is my review:

About The Movie

Enola Holmes 2 is the continuation of Enola Holmes, if you haven't seen the first part, I suggest you do.

The movie star Millie Bobby-Brown as Enola — the protagonist of the film.

Enola Holmes is the sister of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes. With a series of experiences from her childhood, She feels the urge to prove herself to be an essential member of the Holmes family and a worthy carrier of the name.

She dreams of becoming a detective just like her brother — but tries hard also not to be locked in his shadows.

The movie started epically! We see Enola being chased, running from men in uniforms — the police.

images (57).jpeg
Source: Netflix

What crime has she committed this time?

Then the film rewinds to tell us what has happened.

Enola Holmes had started her detective agency. But the fact that is a female, and still very young made her unable to get a client. In fact, most of them would ask for Sherlock in the end.

It was months I believe and with her unable to secure a client, she is seen closing down when a young girl came and requested her help in finding her missing sister.

Yes! She got a case! Finally.

At this time, Sherlock was working on his hardest case yet, with months of investigation, he was still not anywhere close to figuring it out.

She went on to start the investigation and they soon found out it had links with Sherlock's mysterious case.



Enola Holmes 2 stars 2 of my favourite casts and that's another reason I love it so much!

Henry Cavill and Millie Bobby-Brown

images (59).jpeg

You might know Millie Bobby-Brown from the iconic Stranger Things series. She's quite a phenomenal actor and I love how much she fits into the role of Enola. She does a phenomenal job.

Also, Henry Cavill, the superman of our era. He has featured in a whole lot of great movies such as The Witcher, Mission Impossible, just to name a few. His charisma, good looks and physique are other things worth noting.

Some other casts worth mentioning include:
Louis Partridge, Helena Bonham from Harry Potter, and David Thewlis also from Harry Potter, just to mention a few.

My Thoughts

Enola Holmes 2 is a great mystery film that is full of action, humour, and a great cast of characters.

The film is an original story based on the true events of the 1888 matchgirls’ strike in England. It portrayed how women learnt to stand for their rights and that I loved to see.

I believe Enola Holmes 2 is better than the original and may be one of the best Sherlock Holmes movies to date. It shows some creative reinventions of classic Sherlock Holmes characters and a unique lens on true historical events.

I will rate it a 9/10 🤗

If you haven't seen the movie, I urge you to check it out.

Thank you for reading!

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Now you have given me a reason to watch it. Came across it last night but just ignored it.


I don’t know about Milli Bobbie-Brown, but everything Henry Cavill is 🔥. Can’t say I’ve seen him ply detective yet though lol. Even aside being superman, he’s mostly the strong hero(or villain in some cases). This will be a fun watch. A new role from Henry Cavill.

I haven’t seen Stranger things yet. Didn’t buy into the hype. I’ll watch it some time later though.


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Well, I can understand and respect that you did enjoy this film, but I know quite sure about the "Best Film From Netflix"... But I do think, you have written a really good review, my friend.


Thanks so much for taking out time to read and dropping this lovely comment ❤️