The truth is human

  • Man who is only dust, air, water. There is nothing more than man. If Allah had not breathed his soul into him, what would have happened to man? Man deserves to be called human only when Allah nurtured him through the soul. And compared to that, many attributes in man are God-like. For example: to forgive, to be kind, to love, to help and many other attributes. But all this is not even one percent. Nevertheless, where does the seed of pride and arrogance grow in a person? Why does he begin to think that he is the genius, that he can do everything, that whatever he is is only because of himself, that whatever he has is because of his own achievements. Does he not see how the sun rises and sets at its appointed time, or how the moon covers the darkness of the night? Or how long this sky is permanent without any nail? Or is it the earth, and great mountains are driven into it like nails to keep the earth in balance? And how can a person fill his stomach only if water rains from the sky? And what kind of green sprouts from the buds? How do seasons change? But man is still man. He thinks himself too big. Although this earth is countless times bigger. And even bigger is the sun. And planets bigger than the sun are busy in their rotation in this universe. As if a human being is not equal to a dot in this world. If there was no soul, it would be dust. And if this soul of his is seized now, then where does he find himself standing with all his pride? That is why Allah says in the Qur'an: "There is one who ponders."
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