Today 19-11-2022 my life activity


Today my life

  • Another day of life passed today. Today our life has become one more day short. Every single day of life is very important for Nissan. Today was also a good day.

Morning time

  • First thing in the morning I made the children fresh. Then I make breakfast. For breakfast I made parathas and eggs. Then had breakfast together with the children. Then my son went to school. And I will be busy with housework

Activities at home

  • She was busy all day in the day's work. First of all I washed all the dishes in the house well. Then I swept the house. Then I gave milk to my little daughter, she was crying. Then I sat the daughter in the swing, she will start blooming. I did other household chores.

Then I made homemade fruit mix chart for the kids

  • Complete procedure for making fruit mix chaat

Ingredients I used

1 . apple 🍎
2 . guavas 🥑
3 . pomegranates
4 . grapes 🍇
5 . banana 🍌
6 . Fruit Chaat Spices to taste

  • First, I washed apples, guavas, mangoes, pomegranates and grapes well in water. Then I cut the apple into small pieces, then I cut the guava into small pieces, then I cut the mango into small pieces, then I cut the banana into small pieces, then I cut the grapes into two pieces. I cut and finally I took out the red seeds of the pomegranate and put it on top. I added the fruit chaat masala after the kids ate it because kids like chilies.