I want a clone of myself! (Venting-out)


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Me vs Me

The other: Just stop doing this, they are thinking about their benefit and start accepting it. Everyone WILL end up doing things FOR THEMSELVES and that is NORMAL girl! Accept it!

Me: yeah! sure! I do! am not expecting anything, I am just being me!🙄🙄

The other: I highly doubt! Sure!


Me: 😭😭😭😭😭 They shouldn't have done that! This wasn't right! I was open about it why aren't they!!!😭😭😭 Why can't they just say me! Why can't they just accept me!😭😭😭

The other: You are the one who isn't accepting them! What did I warn you about earlier?

Me: I am not expecting! I am just being me!

The Other: Yeah! Stop expecting others to be YOU! You dummy!

Me: I want a clone of myself!!!

The End!

In this life when nothing is guaranteed we expect that things will work out the way we want. We forget that it won't. People here are filled with different mindsets and accepting someone is the biggest struggle we are going to face! TRUST ME! And, once you overcome the above type scenario, know that you are more mature to handle yourself now.

It takes TIME and obviously meeting with crazy people is an advantage in this scenario. If you are lucky they will be good for the long run and if you are bad, they will be bad for the long run. No matter what happens, know that even if they stay or they don't, it won't take you away from yourself. You will not stop being yourself just to please them, but you will become a better version of yourself for yourself, to sustain in this world by being yourself.

Everyone's actions sometimes can be too much to handle and take in. But, at that very moment, we need to sit down and calm ourselves to rethink what actually matters. Once we decide on it, it is easier to make better decisions.

This is the kind of rant I am into when I am heavily frustrated with my surrounding loved ones, who suddenly start acting all crazy. This is when I realize that I truly need someone who can understand myself the way I do. Life can be troublesome at times.

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