"The Misfortune" (Original Poem)



The Misfortune

Yes, you will be left thousand times,
in the agony of your misfortunes,
to be stepped several times,
with blemishing souls.

Courage, of whatsoever,
will take you no-where,
but, you will realize
here you are engulfed.

No, don't let it step over you,
Don't let it win,
take a thousand steps,
you have taken ahead.

Rise with courage and stamina of luck,
what are the promises, that you doubt so much?

Here, in reality, you
actually have no one!
Even if you are fallen,
you will rise up.

Let the monotonous voices rise up the shore,
to me here you are, up abhor.
What is it that clouds your vision?
Know, if you are honest,
be bold in your wisdom.

Not every door will open,
not every door will close,
in every door is silence,
with scars above.

In this world no one is real,
and it is very hard to know.

How shall I confess, I am bored!

The End!

{Cover- Source}

There will be times in your life that you will be able to feel things but you won't be able to explain convince anyone of what you are saying, they will not agree with it. You will be taken wrongly. You will be misjudged and you will be in intense agony because you never expected it to be like this because your definition of friendship/ relationship/ family/ other ships is not coinciding with others' definitions. I am no wise person to advise on what to do, and my little sister says that I misuse little knowledge as "little knowledge is dangerous", but who will explain that what you feel inside is a thousand times more vulnerable and dying while none is able to help out. Knowledge isn't something you are born with, you gain it over time. Yet, people are so arrogant in their course that because they have more knowledge they just shove them off on your face. It is true that every knowledge isn't something you are born with, but you are born with the sense of right and wrong, it is in all of us even if we deny. So, when you feel wronged, when you feel like the pebble on the street which is being treated ill, know you should stop being on that street, because you are not a pebble, you have feelings, you have a brain, and you can choose your street. Freedom of choice is one thing that plays a crucial role in all of our lives.


No matter what you are going through, you should always be courageous and know with boldness you would survive whatsoever may comes your way.

Nice poem.