35 Days Passed with My New Office & I'm Yet To Blend In

I actually can't say how the last month passed. I joined the copywriter role in a somewhat reputed 360° degree Bangladeshi marketing agency. I can definitely say that the weekend came so late and I waited an eternity for the upcoming weekend. Every Sunday when I woke up I always felt how rapidly the weekend passes.



Life in a digital marketing agency can be very hectic here in Bangladesh. Having said that my life hasn't been easier as well. I wouldn’t say that my workplace turned out to be hostile but it wasn't amicable either. I still feel that I'm not welcome at least while interacting with some fellow colleagues of mine. Up until not I often felt I do not belong here. I truly believe they had no intention whatsoever to make me feel this way. But I would say that some of such said actions were deliberate.

Yes, I am an introvert as I would say. But my reticence fades away when I spend time with people. It also happened here. Some of my colleagues are so friendly to me. If it wasn't for them my work-life balance would've been pathetic. I always have been that sort of guy who is a kinda late bloomer in terms of building relationships.

Over the years I grew a habit, that I try to keep my personal life away from my work life. I hardly ask personal questions to my fellow colleagues and expect them to do so. In the last two places I've worked, I haven't got connected with any employees on social networks like Facebook, Instagram. I couldn't do that here. I think it is not a healthy practice to grow personal relations or attachments with your professional life.

I have my limitations like all people. I just expected that my work environment would be more friendly and welcoming. I have no control here. Hope it will change as time goes on. But there are certain things that I wouldn’t be able to adapt to even if it happens to me on a daily basis. Like a colleague of mine was being rude to me constantly. On one or two occasions I had a fault to be accused about. It is not enough reason to speak in a loud voice to me. I would be able to digest the fact that an employee who is not superior to me is scolding me. Yes, if they are my superior and in the chain of command then it would have been a different issue. But it was not the case here. I wouldn’t talk about it anymore here, but it really made me feel bad.

Now I feel awkward talking about my personal issues here. Actually, I never had any problem adapting to a workplace within my small career of three and half years. I would appreciate any tips from you people which can help me overcome these situations. Thank you.