Celebration of Sadness


Celebration of Sadness? Yes! You read it right. I like the luxury to observe sadness. The nihilism inside me oozes throughout my veins. I enjoy maximizing my sadness. There is a thrill in it.

How I celebrate sadness, questions may arise. To simplify, it's like when you provoke your sadness to climb up the ladder. For instance, you know that you are feeling sad and down. So what you do, instead of trying to cheer up, you listen to a sad song. You are certain it will make you feel worse, but you do it irrespective of anything.

Celebration of Sadness.jpg


When I am sad and I listen to music, I follow the lyrics. Every time I find some resemblance in the lyrics that reflects my life. I become sadder and sadder. Yes, sometimes when I need motivation and want to get rid of the negatives, music is my escape route.

Music helps me to overcome stress and anxiety for some time. Am such an escapist... Hahah!

I also watch movies which makes me sad. I rewatch some movies with intention of getting hurt. For example, I would choose a movie with a bad ending and watch it when I am sad. Weird ha? Well, I am a weirdo....I am a creep! I don't belong here...

Now let's come to the part of love. Imagine you love someone so deeply. S/he is not with you now. You are barely living, you are dead inside. So what you do, you try to reawaken the sweet old memories. Memories that are old but seem like it just happened yesterday. Memories which are so vividly fresh that you can almost relive those. But gone are the days that flew with time. No matter what you won't find the taste swimming through the memory lane. It would rather make you sad. You go through the belongings you have of him/her. The letters you got, the gifts you received.

You go to the places you went together. The places where those sweet smiles were flashed at you, those which now make you sad because s/he's not here with you. Then comes a moment that breaks your heart into pieces and then slowly tears roll down from your cheeks. You cry out loud as if someone died. And then again it brings back all those memories which makes everything worse and finally leads to a wave of emotions which completely knocks over the love within. Because now the person is dead in every possible way - In body, mind & soul.

Sometimes when you miss your beloved people, who are dead. Who left the world leaving you to suffer here in this world alone. You cannot bring back the dead but you can walk down the memory lane. Memories which you cherish and which are precious.

Who doesn't like memories? And who can change those evergreen memories? Memories are beautiful and becoming sad is absolutely fine. Once you know that why you cry and how it makes your heart lighter, then only celebrate the sadness. It helps one feel better and gives lots of strength to carry on with life.

Presently we all live in a world full of chaos where every corner someone is fighting for their survival, someone else is killing another person so as not to be killed by him/her, some people take birth just so they could kill other fellow beings before being killed by them. In this wretched world, all we have are memories and our beloved people. Memories can be both good and bad. Nothing beats the power of nostalgia.


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