Entry for the Reflection Hunters Contest : Round 39


Hello everyone 👧. This is my Entry for the Reflection Hunters Contest : Round 39.


I took this picture when I have my work's meeting at ITCC Shopping Mall, Penampang, Sabah, Malaysia.

On my way back to my own office, I saw this unique signboard with a young boy face when pass by this clothing shop.

I feel irritated 😑 when I saw the face and I take picture to share it with my friend in messenger group chat. I ask my friends, what your feeling when you saw this signboard?

Coincidentally in my picture, there was reflection at this shop mirror reflected from the opposite shop's signboard with the word of 'realme' in backward.

This adding the hilarious point of this picture. 😂 I conclude that as below :-

A confident young boy with a face who looking down on you (realme)

If you interested to join this contest, you may refer HERE for the guidelines.

Thanks and hope you enjoy reading it 🤗