COUNTERSPELL and BRIAR PATCH make the battle an amazng one!

Hello, the beautiful people of Splinterverse. Hope you all are doing great and enjoying the game everyday. I want to share this battle to introduce you two recently used rulesets : COUNTERSPELL and BRIAR PATCH which are anti-magic and anti-melee ruleset and I have use the CL legendary Dragon summoner that reduces the RANGE attacks by one of all the Range attackers of the enemy team!

1. COUNTERSPELL: In this ruleset, all the friendly and the enemy monsters wil have the magic reflection ability which will reflect a portion of the magic damage from the target monsters reflects to the respective magic attackers. This is an amazing ability that can be more dangerous with the card. having the Amplification ability which will increase the reflected magic attacks number by 1!

2. BRIAR PATCH: This ruleset will offers the THORNS ability to the all monsters that will return two MELEE attacks to any MELEE attackers. Also the amplification ability will also increase the two MELEE attcks into THREE MELEE attacks!

In the battle, I team was almost a oerfect one for being an anti-magic, anti-melee, and anti-range team. And my opponents team is based on the magic attacks! The magic reflection ability made huge damage to the enemy monsters! My team was in positive position consequently. But on the other hand, my MELEE attackers are bitterly damaged by the THORNS ability. But luckily I have win the mattch. Most importantly, the whole battle was an amazing one to explore that's why I am sharing the battle with this fantastic monster! I hope you will like the battle with such amazing rulesets.

Thanks a lot for your time and attention. what do you think about these nice rulesets let me know in the comment. Have a great day!

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Thank you so much for your time and attention.
I will catch you at the next.

All the images are prepared by me from the splinterlands and splintercards resources.