The strongest max SILVER LEAGUE FIRE DECK @160 bucks!

Hello, the beautiful people of Splinterverse. Some amazing things are happening after the announcement of the Riftwatchers cards set and the Tower Defence Game which are in the pipeline to be integrated. Also, the current booming renting market can be further improved through the staking and use cases of Splinter cards into the Tower defense game! which is gonna be one of the key points to be explored in near future. I am also trying to grab some extra DEC from renting some of my low-level GF cards as I have entered into the gold league but dare not to enter the Diamond league now with my lower deck level. In the last weeks, I have introduced some strategic ways to find the new cheaper cards which can be very useful from many perspectives in the game such as winning with more DEC, and more R-shares. And also I have discussed one of my favorite LIFE COMBO at a low cost and the fascinating ability of FORCEFIELD which is the rarest ability among all the cards as only 5 cards own this fascinating ability. These cheaper and alternating cards can be useful and amazing options for the substituting of many expensive cards with high renting values. And also for price appreciation in the future, these cards can be solid investments in this dumped market. I hope those discussions were very helpful for improving your Splinterlands experience.

This week, I am going to discuss how to build a MODERN FIRE DECK in the most effective way minimizing the cost from every perspective. This post is going to be very important for the new play or those who are planning to climb up to the SILVER LEAGUE from the BRONZE LEAGUE. I hope this will be very helpful to make the plan and it will help to find out which cards are very helpful and which cards are optional. Also, I have mentioned the card utility according to the MANA level of the match and the level that will be enough for building the deck. If you have any suggestions and query, you can ask me in the comment related to my post!

The must-have card in this collection will cost you around $160.00 and the optional will cost around $45.00 including the sumooners which costs 48 and 43 bucks respectively!


For modern league I prefer the fire summoner "TARSA" from the Chaos Legion set which is an amazing summoner that increases one MELEE attack and one heart of all the monster! Also, the cost is very reasonable, for a max SILVER LEAGUE, the cost will be around $48.

Another option is the "QID YUFF" from the dice eddition and that will cost around $42. So, one them is okay but TARSA is the best option from my opinion.


There are so many options for the monster selections I am going to suggest the most useful monsters. Also, I am not going to discuss the cheapest monsters that costs nothing and many of them are not so useful. I am sharing the the frequently used monsters in SILVER LEAGUE. Many of these monster are caluated with it's single BCX price due to the cost of these cards will be very high and utility is also very high. But most of the new players can't afford so much money and so, I have keep the single BCX fort he deck building as cost is very important in this case.

Here, TENYII STRIKER is the most useful cards for any battles due to it's SNEAK ABILITY and the other monsters such as the ANTOID PLATOON is good for low MANA matches with the SHILD ABILITY!
The RADIATE BLUE AND THE FINEASE RAGE are must-have cards due to their REACH ABILITY. But they are for medium and HIGH MANA matches respectively.

All of these RANGE attackers are good for HIGHER MANA matches and there are some RANGE ATTACKERS which are very important!
The FLAMESMITH is an optional card which destroys the enemy's ARMORS!

The SERPENTINE SPY is a must have card for the low MANA matches and for it's excellent ability of OPPORTUNITY. But due to the cost only single BCX is enough for it's good speed.

Also,TUSK THE WHITE is a must have card against the MAGIC opponents and the FORGOTTEN ONE is an excellent card which has the IMMUNITY against the POISON. It has also the RETALIATE ability which is awesome for against any TEAM with the MELEE attackers.

The following UNTAMED cards are very expensive but single BCX of the LIVING LAVA and FIRE ELEMENTAL can be very helpful for a strong SILVER FIRE DECK.

And, for others two, those are optional and can be useful for HIGH MANA matches.

There are some legendary CARDS like the 0 MANA card, SCORCH FIEND is very useful for the low MANA matches. Also, the GRUM FLAMABLE is very important card with slow speed matches. It has also the excellent ability of BLOODLUST!

Also, the COUNTESS SINACH is an excellent reward card with some excellent abilities which is a must-have card!

The following cards are the cheapest cards that can ma out of SILVER LEAGUE with only 1-2 bucks. There are many of such cards but I recommended very few of these which are frequently used in the game.

And, If you want to be a proud member of the Splinterlands community and enjoy the magical world of hundreds of monsters and strategies for your battle where you will have the opportunities of amazing battles with some extraordinary monsters with amazing abilities which will uplift your online gaming experience to a new level. You can enter into the Splinterverse through this link sign up to join splinterlands


Thank you so much for your time and attention.
I will catch you at the next.

All the images are prepared by me from the splinterlands and peakmonsters resources.



A really strong team.. I've only been fighting using chaos legion knowing my deck's deficit thinking about the long term but these untamed really strengthen the team!
Thanks for sharing.


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Thank you very much for the support!
Actually only Chaos Legion can't tackle the untamed in most of the cases in my experience but some single BCX untamed can change the situation by increasing the winning rate.