Rising Star Journal #170 : WEEKEND STARBITS GRINDING!

Hello everyone in Rising Star Game community! How are your weekends? I hope you are having a great time and always be healthy.

Its Sunday and today is GRINDING TIME! Today I focus on getting more STARBITS than yesterday. But still managed to do only 52 total missions with average of 748 STARBITS per missions. A little bit higher STARBITS reward per mission than yesterday but in total still less STARBITS gained overall.

"Sunday is a time when you sit back and reflect on all the blessings that you have received. Smile at all the good things that you are enjoying." - Sera Train


New card added into my collections. Rare people cards the R130 Groovy and R136 Desmond. Both card is awesome adding 125 FANS from each card.

A total of four hours music lesson was done yesterday. This amount of music lesson still can balance and cover the EGO points gained from missions but it was really at risk to trigger the EGO meter. A range of six thousand to eight thousand drunk fans will attend the gig everyday. This made me do more music lesson and adding more guitar instrumental cards.

120k total FANS was achieved today! YAY!! 🎉 This helps me get more STARBITS from daily missions activities in maps.

Personal Target Achievement 🏆

Going to list down new target list for this year 2022.

⬜Target #1 Reaching 200 000 fan before Q3 Next year. (59.6%)
⬜Target #2 Reaching 1 000 Minimum Skill Reward In Music Lesson (61.2%)

Personal Completed Achievement 🏆

✅Target #2 Reaching 500 Minimum Skill Reward In Music Lesson (100% - 2022)
✅Reached 100 000 fan before the end of the year! (100% - 2021)
✅Reached 1000 STARBITS reward on Illegal Busking. (100% - 2021)
✅ Get to level 75 and unlock the Band Auditions mission (100% - 2021). 4 band member slot has been unlocked. (100.0% - 2021 ). 🎙️🎸
✅Have the Millionaire card. 100% 💸💸🌟STARBITS Millionaire Card🌟 (2021)

Today's statistics report on @risingstargame📄

Current Stat :
👯‍♂️ Fans 120 609
🍀 Luck 17 781
🎸 Skill 228 646
📊 IM 2 172
🃏 Cards 1 559

Highest STARBITS reward is 1 745 STARBITS
Lowest STARBITS reward is 36 STARBITS
Total mission done = 52
Total Music Lesson done = 4
Total Permanent Skill gained = 4 779
Total Permanent Ego gained = 1 382
Average STARBITS per mission = 748

My current rank as for today : #75, went down 1 rank from previous rank #74


My current cards collection 🎴 :

People cards:
Common = 53/56
Rare = 70/74
Epic = 11/21
Legendary = 0/11

📈Current Market Price (STARPRO) 📈


Highest Bid : 1.35000000 (Lower than yesterday)
Lowest Ask : 1.8455000 (Higher than yesterday)

📈Current Market Price (STARBITS)📈


Highest Bid : 0.00012700 (Higher than yesterday)
Lowest Ask : 0.00012750 (Higher than yesterday)

Price of STARBITS is stable around 0.0001 for 13days.
Price of STARPRO is stable around 1.5 for 10 days.

That's all for today's Rising Star Journal. Have a great day!!

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Thanks for sharing! I have a really dumb question. I bought a pack but I can't figure out how to use any of the new cards. I'm only at level 5. Is that why I can't use them yet? Or am I just doing something dumb? Thanks!!


Hey there, thanks for visiting. If you already bought a pack and opend them, it will automatically add value to your stat. If it doesnt appear in your collection then you need to update the cards.


You can click on the third tab, the cards icon, it will update your card automatically, but if that doesnt work, just click on the "click here" link. It will update your cards. Then you can go back to your main mission page and see if those cards already added into your collections. Easiest way is to compare the card count from before and after.


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