Rising Star Journal #261 : Max STARBITS Max EGO + STARBITS Giveaway

Hello to everyone in the Rising Star Game community and Blockchain gaming community. How are you guys doing today? I hope all of you are doing great and enjoys STARBITS grinding. :)

As usual a giveaway result before going into my daily Rising Star Game journal update.

A total of eight active Rising Star player participated on today's giveaway. More participant than previous giveaway, Today I will do only one giveaway which is the 1010 STARBITS.

Before spinning the wheel I want to say thank you so much for the support and active participation from you guys, @diavolo55 @jfang003 @thaddeusprime @valdiva @luizeba @ifarmgirl @rtonline @criptosectadepit and I wish you all the best in your daily gamming and STABITS grinding. I hope you guys keep on collecting all those NFTs from Rising Star gaming, have a wonderful journey and do enjoy the game :)))

Wednesday Giveaway Result : 1010 STARBITS.

Congratulation to @rtonline on winning today's STARBITS giveaway. Reward will be send as soon as possible. Happy Gamming and have a great day!

🎉🎉May 2022 1010 STARBITS giveaway and a random day for random cards (common - rare | people - instrument - vehicles).🎉🎉

Rules for the giveaway :

  1. Comment on this post including your Rising Star Game ign.
  2. Result will be posted on the next day post.
  3. Up vote is not mandatory but will be really appreciated.
  4. First 5 player to comment on this post will have their name inserted two times on the roulette for only the random card giveaway day.
  5. There will be two round of roulette spin (for random card giveaway day), each spin will remove the player name that won the 1st giveaway from the roulette, but if you are the first 5 player to comment, then your name will still be able to participate on the second round.

Best of luck everyone!

Today's statistics report on @risingstargame📄

Current Stat :
👯‍♂️ Fans 229 247
🍀 Luck 46 508
🎸 Skill 822 259
📊 IM 3 974
🃏 Cards 3 704

Personal Completed Achievement 🏆

✅Highest rank entire time : #58 (22nd April 2022)
✅Reaching 500 Minimum Skill Reward In Music Lesson (100% - 2022)
✅Reached 100 000 fans before the end of the year! (100% - 2021)
✅Reached 200 000 fans before Q3 this year. (100% 25th April 2022)
✅Reached 1000 STARBITS reward on Illegal Busking. (100% - 2021)
✅ Get to level 75 and unlock the Band Auditions mission (100% - 2021). 4 band member slot has been unlocked. (100.0% - 2021 ). 🎙️🎸
✅Have the Millionaire card. 100% 💸💸🌟STARBITS Millionaire Card🌟 (2021)
✅Reaching 1 000 Minimum Skill Reward In Music Lesson (100% - 28th Feb 2022)

Personal Target (Ongoing) 🏆

⬜(93.6%) Target #1 Reaching 2 000 Minimum Skill Reward In Music Lesson.
⬜(57.3) Target #2 Reaching 400 000 fans before the end of 2022.

Today I had bought some FAN cards to upgrade my total FAN value. No new card for music lesson yet. I am waiting for a certain instrument card in a certain price at the moment.

Cards price is still going up until now. It is a bit hard to get card in cheaper price if I do not camp for it in the market place. All I had is the cards with its average value around 62 STARBITS per FAN. But it a little bit easier to wait for the instrument card because of the price range is still around 80 STARBITS to 90 STARBITS per LUCK for the Instrument card.

As for now my strategy is going to get which of those card with cheaper value on its group and just buy it.


Highest STARBITS reward is 3 379 STARBITS
Lowest STARBITS reward is 2 STARBITS
Total mission done = 75
Total Music Lesson done = 2
Total Permanent Skill gained = 4 816
Total Permanent Ego gained = 5 219
Total SKILL vs EGO offset = - 403 (deficit in SKILL points)
Average STARBITS per mission = 1 501

A total of 75 mission was done today. More than my daily average missions count. Still the trade-off of this was I can gain more STARBITS, at the same time I can hit my daily total average of STARBITS amount but EGO gained from this game plan was higher compared to other previous day total EGO gained.

Pizza drop was good today. Spend some pizza from box and some pizza slice. Usually I will use around four pizza from the box before I use the pizza slice. It means if I already used four amount of pizza from box, the pizza drop was not that good but still not going to effect my game play on that day.

Only two hours of music lesson was done today. This considered to be good because taking into account of the amount of mission being done, I will have less time to do music lesson. A minimum of two music lesson a day is already good enough to cover most of the EGO gained from all the missions. But still three hour of music lesson will be the exact amount of music lesson that I need to be able to cover all the EGO gained form the entire day missions.

A total of 12 mission with less than 500 STARBITS as a reward was done today. This is an average mission count for daily low reward mission. This is a really good indicator that the STARBITS reward will be higher.

A total of 34 mission with more than 1 500 STARBITS as a reward was done today. A very high mission count for this mission with high reward and it was more than the daily average mission count. More STARBITS was gained compared yesterday's total STARBITS amount.

It was two day straight with this high STARBITS reward per mission done. This was very rare compared to my weekly analysis. Still its good to be able to get much more STARBITS everyday.

As a conclusion for today's progress,

More SKILL points gained than EGO gained. ❌
STARBITS gained reached the average daily target. ✔️
FANS points stat increased significantly. ✔️
SKILL points stat increased significantly. ⭕️
Instrument card (guitar instrument card) : New card added. ❌

An average performance on the gameplay today. ✔️

🏆Highest rank #52🏆

My current rank as for today : 🏆#56. Same rank as yesterday. Still keeping my rank on the top #60.

My current cards collection 🎴 :

52 Crafted Cards: 0 Fans, 969 Luck, 0 Skill, 0 Im
1587 Instrument Cards: 0 Fans, 39404 Luck, 0 Skill, 0 Im

1469 Guitar Cards: 37296 Luck
25 Drums Cards: 457 Luck
35 Keyboard Cards: 785 Luck
54 Orchestra Cards: 772 Luck
30 Production Cards: 605 Luck
75 Transport Cards: 147 Luck
26 Singing Cards: 458 Luck
1990 Cards: 5988 Luck

75 Transport Cards: 20785 Fans, 147 Luck, 0 Skill, 142 Im
4 Fanboost Cards: 26 Fans, 0 Luck, 0 Skill, 0 Im
1913 People Cards: 208316 Fans, 5988 Luck, 179621 Skill, 3832 Im
1 Special Cards: 0 Fans, 0 Luck, 0 Skill, 0 Im


⭐️ STARBITS and STARPRO supply and demand ⭐️

📈Current Market Price (STARPRO) 📈


Highest Bid : 9.80001000 (Lower than yesterday)
Lowest Ask : 11.06205000 (Lower than yesterday)

📈Current Market Price (STARBITS)📈


Highest Bid : 0.00030005 (Higher than yesterday)
Lowest Ask : 0.00030006 (Lower than yesterday)


📈Today's STARBITS value in MYR


A unit of 10 000 STARBITS will be 6.22 MYR

The price of STARBITS converted to Malaysian Ringgit is lower than yesterday's price value. Ten thousand of STARBITS is equal to six Ringgit Malaysia and twenty two cent. An increased in STARBITS value and a decreased of HIVE value makes the price value of STARBITS converted to Malaysian Ringgit become much lower than yesterday's price value.

Still the main factor for the exchange value from STARBITS to Malaysian Ringgit is the HIVE price value.

The price of STARBITS increased a lot too but if the price of HIVE keep on declining then the overall exchange value from STARBITS to Malaysian Ringgit will keep on declining too.

And that's all for today's Rising Star Journal. Stay safe and don't forget to do your music lesson xD! Have a nice day everyone!

You can use my referral link below to start your journey as a Rising Star player!


Rising Star Game logo and writing was taken from the official website of Rising Star Game website.


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