Days Gone: Tracking Down Limbo To Pay A Debt

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Well Hello There Fellow Gamers And Hivers

In the last episode of Days Gone it was somewhat of a wild ride through out the whole episodes gameplay, I had to retake the Horse Creek Ambush Camp and although I equipped myself as much as I could I still had no idea what I was getting myself into. The problem wasn't really the amount of drifters at the camp it was more the high ground advantage that they had along with the fact that they had a sniper covering almost every inch of ground, so the battle up took quite sometime and I also had to play very careful as I gained more and more ground since the ammunition turned into a dire state.

None the less I made it out and liberated Horse Creek Camp.

Making My Way Back To Camp

It has been 741 days since I last saw Sarah, my how time has flown by these last two years. Yet here I am still breathing fresh air.

Well it would seem that I've lost my motorcycle somewhere along the way, not quite sure where but I most likely dumped it because I had no fuel left. Yeah that's it, it's all coming back to me now.

Okay by the looks of it I am not too far from the Hot Springs Survivor Camp so the best bet is to high tail it back to camp, let them handle the burden of getting the motorcycle and while they are at it refuel it and then I can stock up on some ammo.

I've got a big mission to complete now and I would most certainly need every piece of lead I can carry.

Screenshot 2023-05-05 174831.png

Well would you take a look at this mr. rambo.... As I got closer to the camp I heard some pistol shots going off and at first I thought nah must be the camp clearing out some freakers. Low and behold this lone drifter decided he can take up and defeat a well armed camp.

He probably could have but he didn't count on anyone screwing up his plans from behind now did he.

Screenshot 2023-05-05 175438.png

There I was all geared up and heading out at full blast, at-least this time around I know what I'll be walking into.

I think.

For safety I'll be parking the motorcycle someways off so if anything goes sideways I will high tail it back and get the hell out of dodge.

Screenshot 2023-05-05 175945.png

Limbo's Camp At The Dead Of Night

Before I or anyone even knew what was going on the bullets had already started flying over head. As always they would surely have a sniper guarding on a high spot.

What caught me off guard was the fact that they had more guards posted at the gate than I thought they would. They must have expected some trouble since they caused a lot of trouble in another camp.

Well they can do as they like but that wont save them now!

Screenshot 2023-05-05 180428.png

I would have to say the hardest battle was clearing out the entrance to the camp, they had it guarded very well.

What I did notice was that once I killed everyone at the gates those inside were scared shitless, they didn't even try and meet me at the gate. They only stirred as I approached to enter, by then it was far too late.

The first one fell before he could even lift his rifle. Golden rule don't peek unless your barrel is peeking with you.

Although I had other problems now, they didn't just have one sharpshooter stationed at the gate but another one in the tower and he was going to be a bit harder to kill.

Screenshot 2023-05-05 180857.png

Look at old Deeks cowering away behind a boulder waiting for that perfect shot, well shots this AK-47 ain't exactly the most accurate of weapons. 🤣

Ironic how I always attack these camps in the dead of night, it's either luck or well luck, I got the shadows on my side it would seem.

Screenshot 2023-05-05 181441.png

You see the problem with such big sniper rifles are that they take a few seconds to reload, well I suppose it all depends on how experienced you are, the reload might be fast but they focusing in on your target is hard.

Miss your shot and you give the opponent room to move and that might just mean the end of you.

Let's use our friend in the tower here as an example...

I have to add, there were about four guys in the tower waiting for me. This I did not expect, I thought there was only one and that was the target but as soon as the first drifter fell I made my way up and as fast as I went up I went down even faster.

I thought this might be the end, how am I going to clear a room full of drifters without having my head blown off? Well the answer is in my back pocket, a pipe bomb really did the trick.

Screenshot 2023-05-05 195857.png

Well Limbo it would seem you got what you were owed hey, you bashed in someone's head and your head got bashed off. An eye for an eye type of situation right!

Screenshot 2023-05-05 200704.png

That settles it then problem taken care o......

Oh shit.

Now who do we have here? Some more of Limbo's men coming into get their meat grinded? Well let's welcome them with a package of lead!

Screenshot 2023-05-05 200918.png

Yeahp you guessed it, they used the tactic I used. So that means I'm a shit shot with the sniper rifle. Well shit yeah I am, under pressure at-least. But prop that AK-47 in my hand and allow me to pray and spray well then, then you've got yourself into a heavy shit show!

They had a good tactic but running and gunning your way out of a situation sometimes works best ask me I've been through quite a few.

Screenshot 2023-05-05 202512.png

Heading Homewards, Where Ever That May Be

I've got the tire iron and Tucker wanted it as bloody as I could make it, well complying there really wasn't much of a problem. After all I had a few oaks to beat bloody!

After scouring Limbo's camp for supplies I headed back out to Hot Springs Survivor Camp where Tucker was waiting impatiently for me to return with "good" news.

She cared less for me than she did for the damn tire iron, I swear it's made of gold the way she went on about it!

Screenshot 2023-05-05 204020.png

Until the next episode! Keep on gaming like you've only got one life left!!


Dated 05/05/2023

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Days Gone is such an underrated gem. Although a part of the reason why is because of the rocky start it had!

Have you finished TW3?