The Blue Shed Coffee Roastery Near The Point

Authored by @Technicalside

I added the cover photo in at the start of the post because of the fact that it might make the video the cover photo! So here ya go!


This is part of a series based adventure, in case you missed some of the previous posts give them a quick scroll through.

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Keep in mind the events of this post happened before the post "The Day Before Christmas Made For Donuts And Beach Vibes"

Well Hello There Travelers And Hivers!

Were getting along very well, if I have to be somewhat honest I feel more adult then I've ever felt before in my life. I say this because it's really the first time me and the Betty went on holiday by ourselves! And with that a sort of freedom comes with it.

Having to decide what you want to do and when you want to do it has a certain stigma to it that just feels quite exhilarating in it's own way.

In the last post I shared we went down street and explored all of the old antique shops where we saw a few nice things and even brought some of those nice things home. Well after we did the exploring around in the antique shops we were left with a certain hunger, a hunger that can only be filled by snacks and a very delicious iced coffee beverage!

What better than to choose the one place we knew would have just that, we were a bit uncertain if we'd find something fantastic to eat at the little restaurant, but we were more than certain that we'd be able to find something to drink that would fancy our needs!

And we did!

The Blue-Shed

For starters I can say that the place looks a lot less worthy than it actually is, it looks beaten up and neglected, however I do think that is exactly what they aimed to do. The run down little restaurant




I think it's safe to say that The Blue Shed is more of a coffee shop than a restaurant with most of the items on the menu being coffee related and or cake/tart related, although to our luck they did seem to have a few nice things to eat.

That didn't matter at all actually we would probably only choose something where we know what we'll be getting.

It was a busy little shed with a lot of random things scattered about, mostly sea related items or items that have some sort of history within the town. Come let me show you a few things I found enjoyable inside the shed. I did have some restraint, I mean after all I couldn't take a photo of every single thing I liked.


Let's Cut It In Right Here!

Now I've not seen something quite so innovative, By the looks of it I'd say that is one huge airplane propeller mounted up on the ceiling and used for cooling. I doubt it really actually cools the place, but again it adds to the vibe of it all!

The Rolls Royce Coffee Machine

It looks like a jet-engine, and I might be wrong, it might very well be some sort of jet-engine but if I still had some wits about me I would say that it is some sort of beyond fancy coffee maker. Those one's you never see, except in movies!

A Rolls Royce coffee machine?? What even? Never have I ever thought to see such a thing, or even link Rolls Royce with a coffee brewing piece of engineering.

I probably found that the most interesting of everything inside the Blue Shed.



It has a little book that was signed with a date, (No doubt to prove it is a real Rolls Royce machine.) and both the coffee maker and booklet is encased in a glass case. I doubt it has ever been used!


The Olden Coffee Makers

Well I suppose these are what brewed coffee for the Queen of England back in the days when she still visited the Southern tip of Africa. No more of-course.

These brewers probably existed before we had any idea what the term fancy meant, but they must have been proper proper high class material back in the day. (Not back in my day to make it a bit more clear) Just back in the day when everything still seemed normal.

A coppered out coffee maker.


I do believe that this one isn't as old as the coppered out one.


Another Man's Trash Is Your Gold

A saying that I've come to live by, you might consider something to be a useless piece of metal where as the next person can see that piece fitting into a work of art.

Now this is something that my mother would have fancied. (I mean she still can just not in person, atleast not this year) She absolutely loves horses and/or anything horse related. And even more so something that was recycled from scrap metal parts and still turned out to look so perfectly done!

The Golden Horse Of Scraps


The Blue-Shed Vibe

As we sat there outside waiting for the snacks and thirsting for the iced-coffee I told the Betty that this place has a very nice vibe to it. I really can't capture the vibe with the camera, it's a bit tricky, but I did try to be fair!

The faded old blue paint of the Shed gave it a sheddy feeling, like that old rustic feeling. What made it more calm and relaxed was the canvas woven shade nets that were put in place, whenever the wind gushed by they would flap and clutter in the wind.

It gave off very relaxing and calming vibes.



I don't have a proper Hive post if I didn't forget to take a photo of atleast one semi important thing. Writing this post I only now realize that I've completely forgotten to take a photo of the iced coffees, probably because I was way too thirsty to even think of taking photos once I tasted the cool icey coffee slipping down my coarse and dried throat!

Although the iced coffee is visible in the top right corner of the photo below.

A iced coffee is always at the top of my lists for refreshing drinks!


Oh But Wait!

After writing this post the Betty sent me a photo that she took of the Iced Coffee's so it's not a total dead loss. However I will be keeping the upper paragraph just as it is. No editing. I believe makes for a nice uncut version of the story. Because I did still forget to take a photo. Atleast that's my version of it all!


A Tour Of Everything Outside

As much as they had inside the shop, they had outside. Though most of the stuff outside was old recycled motor parts which were re used and crafted into some amazing things.

Like the robot guarding the entrance to the Blue-Shed I know it looks silly but I bet that statue has peeked into the curiosity of some young boy and started his career in engineering at a very young age. A bit far fetched but still fetch-able won't you say?

Myself just liked the idea of a custom built Transformer! I hope the Decepticons don't know about him!


See it's Bumble-Bee but only a little deformed, but that's okay!


The Rusted Up Propeller

I do apologize for the messed up background, though I had to get a photo of this, I found it. I don't really know how I felt, it felt odd seeing a propeller that isn't halfway covered with water. Ofcourse they get replaced it's just that one can't think that this very propeller might have crossed oceans once or twice or even thrice in its life time!

The thought of how it ended up here also lingers, how and why is it in this spot? It doesn't look like it was ever any sort of repair place at all. Did the three or four oaks who carried this just decide screw this were not going to carry it any further? And ploomed it down right there?



The Day Was Far From Over

After we grabbed our lunch we still had most of the day ahead of us, what were we supposed to do? Go home just before two in the afternoon? No, that wouldn't do! Absolutely not! I vowed to do something everyday! And this I will do! (P.S We did go to the beach this day so I still haven't missed out on the beach trips yet.)

We departed Mossel Bay and drove through some streets where we saw a few empty yard lots and we did some investigating, me and the Betty did start to look at open yards, although we can't yet fully afford it I do believe it's needed to check out what we might need to afford such a yard. And more so if we could afford it what we would be happy with.

We both agreed on the same thing, it has to have a sea view or atleast a mountain range. Otherwise it won't do.

This was the view from one of those open yards, it doesn't just have a sea view, the whole scenery is a sea view. Now this I would be more than happy to wake up to everyday of my life.




Dated 14/01/2023

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Looks like there's a lot to see at the Blue Shed. Those coffee machines are pretty interesting. A couple of them look like something that would be in a Fallout game. It almost seemed like if a coffee house was combined with a museum. Nice! 👌 you'll get your yard one day : )


I have to say, apart from the outdoor seating space, the Blue Shed doesn't look very appealing and I probably would have given it a pass if I was passing by. However it's a lot bigger inside than it looks from the outside, and the Rolly Royce coffee machine is really cool. Great find!


The inside is a bit crowded, but I suppose the intention is for people to sit outside, it had a nice vibe. But in terms of looks it does seem to be a bit rusty ey😅 but people are fond of the place, I myself thought that it was a bit fancier when I first heard of it. The food was great so I am more than happy😜

Yeah the Rolls Royce machine, it's a shame that they don't use it, im sure that would brew up very nicely.


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A magnificent publication! Excellent photographic quality and a very original decoration. Thank you very much!❤️


what a fascinating place! Lovely rustic scenery. Thanks for sharing!