HashKings: Making Joints!


I’m still very new to HashKings and I’m still a bit in exploration mode where I try to test and discover all features.

Today I decided to try my hands at crafting my first NFT Joints.

What Are “Joints”?

Joints are HashKings NFTs that are smoked to gain XP and to level up. They are crafted by spending BUDS to make the Joints. More XP and levels gives you the benefits of having better stats in Raids, unlocking the ability to craft even better Joints, and to be able to further upgrade your Water Towers.

As I’m just starting out my level is very low, and thus I only have access to the most base of Joints, the Pinner.


I crafted 6 Pinners and smoked them straight. This netted me in total 90 XP and I’m currently level 3 on my chosen avatar.


I don’t know if I’ve tried the game out a long time ago without remembering it, or if I’ve gain XP in some other way. As far as I can tell I started out at 45 XP and level 2 on my Avatars, which I’ve found confounding.


Anyways, I’m progressing towards higher an higher. Hoping to reach level 15 soon, as it seems like that’s where the next Joint will unlock!



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Nice ..I m at 2450 level 20 I think! I unlocked the second level for joints and rolled and smoked like 6 in a row! I also buy cross joints when they come out because it 400 XP! I bought 762,000 hkwater ! I think the game is awesome I love crunching numbers and smoking weed so!! Great write ups.