One day in Essaouira, Morocco


Essaouira is a small town with a predominantly fishing and tourist activities.

The #Medina was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2001 along with the #Kasbah and #Mellah (Jewish Quarter) forming part of the old walled city.

The medina has a special charm and is highly recommended for a walk through the quiet streets of the medina that takes you through narrow passages and amazed, whitewashed walls with doors and windows of bright blue, exotic cafes, craft shops, and all those mysterious corners that characterize this city ..

This city stands to this day its beauty and medieval structure (which has served as the setting for films set in that period such as the Kingdom of Heaven and other very famous such as Orson Welles Otello) in very good condition.

Currently, #Essaouira has one of the best tourist base across the country and is considered the best "spot" surfer on the Atlantic coast of #Morocco. If you're ever visiting Essaouira Morocco recommend it!

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