Ask Leo: Why Are We So Certain Of Another Parabolic Bull Run?


The next bull run is no longer a matter of "if" but when and like every market, crypto is no different. There is a bear and there's a bull and for with cryptos, we understand that there is currently a trend. The trend however has been changing gradually from short bull runs to longer ones and from long bear markets to shorter ones. The market also always recovers no matter how bearish it has been and I'm so certain we'd having a bull market. But when?

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Right now, everyone seems to be preparing for the bull market, a time of bounties, richness, memes and ofcourse greed. As for the indicators of a bull market, the first indicator for a bull market for me has always been the halving of Bitcoin. Even if the market has begun recovering before the halving, I use it as a marker to start getting ready for my moves in the bull market. It's still in about two years, so there's plenty if time right now to accumulate as much cryptos as possible while we can still get them cheap.

Another indicator for the bear market is the human greed unfortunately. If you've observed, there's very little amount if Rug Pulls going on in this space, less FOMO and very little hyped projects going around. This shows were in a bear market and people understand that if not careful in times like this, their actions could lead to massive loss. In a bull market however, all these are present and most projects do so well regardless of what they offer. It's quite difficult to spot projects that would die out in a couple years in the bull market and that's why it's pretty tough trying to stick with some projects after the bull run.

The duration of the next bull market is also something no one truly knows but one thing I'm certain of is the coming of another bull market an this time, a much more crazier market performance than we've ever seen. Now is the time to scout and stick with out favorite projects so we don't make the wrong decisions in the coming season of bounty.