Everything You Need To Know About Leothreads.


The wait is almost over, and Leothreads which is one of the most anticipated project from the Leofinance community is going to be launched today in a couple hours. The idea of Leothread has been birthed for quite a while now and that it is finally gonna be a reality is something I'm truly happy about and thankful to every person wo had been a part of its development.

For those of us who aren't active members of the Leofinance community or those who don't yet grasp what Leothread is, here's a break down of what Leothread is, how it works and what is the capable of doing for the Leofinance community and Hive blockchain as a whole.

Leothreads is a form of microblogging on the Hive blockchain that allows users make short contents with hopes quick consumption of contents and even faster and more engagement as it is with microbloggibg platforms like Twitter. It majorly focus of engagement and activity where users could raise a topic, idea, or experience and members of the community and other users could interact quickly and also in a short form.

The importance of quick and short contents have been acknowledged by so many social media companies in the world and this is why many have incorporated it into their system. Platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook now have shorter video content which has has infact grown the activities on these platforms.

Most humans generally have short attention span and mucroblogging is the best way to make those who prefer short contents interact with other users and become more active on the blockchain. Also, quite alot of times, we all just wanna put an idea, opinion, suggestion or thought out there without being having to write long articles to fit the standards, Leothreads would be changing that and we all can't wait to experience that. Normally, short contents would have been regarded as spam on the Hive blockchain since there have been years long standards of how long a content should be, what is a quality content and what actions to take when we stumble on short contents, but this has been worked on and the we would get a better grasp of how things will be when Leothread is live.

The countdown for the launch of Leothreads started two days via the Leofinance twitter page and we all can't wait to have the experience of microblogging on the Hive blockchain. Kudos to the team for the hardwork so far.