How Much Grounds Has Crypto Gained In Your Country?


Yesterday I wrote on how Indonesia is working on setting up a national exchange for the use of her citizens, had made February crypto literacy month and also went from being hostile to being friendly to the whole crypto movement. So I'm curious how has it been in your country? Has there been a drastic change in how people accept and view crypto in your country too? Are more people getting interested in crypto? Does crypto have a certain reputation there and are there laws in place to protect those involved with cryptos and prosecute those associated with crypto related crimes?


Using my country for example, crypto has become one of the biggest and if not the biggest discovery of the century and even though the government is still hostile to crypto activities like giving directions to banks to freeze all crypto related bank accounts and turning a blind eye to anything crypto, there is a growing interest in the country by the citizens and in the past few years.

Does crypto has a reputation? Yes,but this reputation is shared between several individuals like in most countries as well. Individuals who have stayed in the crypto space for a very long time, Individuals who left the crypto space when the bear market was making their crypto journey frustrating and those who just observe from outside and no experience with crypto. The first believe crypto would change the world, it's the future of money and is the solution to the corruption of the government and banks, the delay in transactions and the way to financial freedom. The second think crypto is a scam and think it's just a tool for some individuals to exploit people. The third also think crypto is scam, is the devil's currency, used by only criminals and you would eventually lose if you had anything to do with crypto.
Well, everyone's opinion is valid to be honest because most opinions regardless of their experiences with cryptos are true to a great extent, however as more people are learning about cryptos, seeing so many use cases and also actively building in the cryptospace, most people are becoming the first kind of individuals who believe crypto would change the world and is the future of money.

Finally, as at this moment, there are no crypto laws that I know of that protects those involved with cryptos. So in cases of scams and lose of funds to criminals via crypto, the best anyone would get from the government is a sorry unless of course if law enforcement officers or thugs are offered something decent to help recover the stolen funds (only if the criminal is in the country). However, I'm hoping things would change if the country had a better governance with open minded folks in power.
As at the time of this writing almost everyone I know who's a youth has used at some point and this is a good thing. I'm hoping the number of users grows larger in thr comingears and the country becomes less hostile and more friendly to crypto.

So how much grounds has crypto gained in your country?