How Simplification Of Crypto Could Help Boost Global Adoption.


I remember when I tried to explain the concept of crypto to my mother some years back and how it is infact money and the future of money. I tried my best trying to simplify the whole thing and after I tried my best trying to break it all down, she had quite alot of questions and I could see she didn't seem to grasp the concept fully and I really don't blame her for this.

You see, crypto and blockchain tech in general is one of the biggest technological breakthrough in the past two decades and not many people who invest in it truly understand how it works, the functionalities and why it's so important humanity. In my recent post, I talked about how crypto could have saved a country like Nigeria from the current cash crisis. Understanding the idea behind crypto in times like this would definitely boost crypto adoption in times like this especially when people understand that crypto solves one of the harshest economic situations the country had ever seen. Simplifications of the functionalities like fast and hitch-free transactions, low transaction fees, decentralised and free from government control and a great way to invest are all simply ways to talk about crypto to just about anyone regardless of their level of education. The techy parts should come afterwards, but first the new users would wanna adopt the idea when it's easy to understand.


Simplification of crypto would undoubtedly aid global crypto adoption. Yeah, it might be tough trying to break it all down, but simplifying crypto and blockchain as whole would demystify it. Most people still think of crypto as one of the most complicated things in the world and don't wanna get involved with it yet because they feel its too techy or too complicated for them. Making them also understand that this is infact the future of money and they earlier they start getting involved the better life would get for them is also a great way to encourage adoption. I'm currently working on a video to simplify crypto and Hive and then just put it out there, hopefully it helps boost adoption and brings more people to the industry .