I FEAR NO EVIL [New Drawing]


Earlier this week, I saw a movie which sorta inspired this new piece. I decided I'd create a piece to depict one of the most popular phrase from a verse from the Bible, "Valley Of The Shadow Of Death". I wasn't quite sure how I'd pull this off but it was certain, I would include skulls, a valley and of course my character with a glow head. I also planned to add some more characters in this piece that their facial expressions would show fear but while working I realised that may be excluded expecially since they won't be very obvious. Well, I wanted to try out of the the scariest colors to use here too, Green. Its been a while since I created an artwork with a green theme and so I felt this was perfect especially since green I sort of related to necromancy..lol.

So I made a sketch out first of my character walking in between a valley with large skulls by the side and then proceed to shading and then scribbling with fine thin lines. Drawing the character was quite challenging and I had to use my brother's photo as a reference because I hot stuck at some point with my initial reference. I also made an entrance at the back of the character with skulls on it and a glowing bright green light from behind which illuminated on the literally everything in the drawing. This piece was fun to create and was created on the autodesk sketchbook app. Sadly I didn't take much photos of the steps because I was carried away with the creation process. I hope you love it.

I named it "I Fear No Evil" because it feels more like it especially since I wanted the piece to pass a message. "I fear no evil" feels more general and relatable by anyone regardless of their faith.

The Making Of The Art