Spotting A Good Or Bad Investment Platform.


Looking back at a couple years ago when I had quite a bit of a bad luck with investment platforms, I sometimes wonder where I'd be if I didn't have the terrible experiences I did with several investment platforms that I had ventured into. One of the problems back was knowing the differences between a true investment platform and an a ponzi scheme/ scam. To be honest, I never knew about ponzi schemes when I first deposited money into a platform that posed itself as an investment platform but was infact one of the biggest ponzi schemes the country had ever seen.


There are loads of bad Investment platforms around us and by "bad", I mean any platform with no true long term benefits for its investors. To spot a good or bad investment platform it's best to watch out for the following:

The People:
One key feature of a investments are the people behind the investment. I believe no amount of research is too small when learning about a platform and how it operates as this your decision to invest with the platform could either make or break you. Research on those behind the platform, their history and what they do at the moment. Also take note of the so called fellow investors and be sure you're not investing alone. Don't also invest with companies with anonymous CEOs and entities.

The Yield:
High yield investment platforms are ponzi schemes and scams most times. The high yields or returns in investment are ofcourse a way to pull in crowds, but the reality is many of these high yield platforms can't afford to pay out as much as they offer and this is why they crash and run off with their investors money when they've gotten to the peak of the payout their system can handle.

The System And Long Term Benefit:
Invest in long lasting systems than one that offers you some quick bucks. I once had a friend who was adamant on investing with a platform because several of her friends were getting paid weekly as investors with this platform. I asked her if she knew how the platform made their money and there was no clear answer on it but yet she wanted to invest just because "they pay". Investments aren't a gamble and this is what many newbie investors don't understand yet. It's a long term activity and so you need a platform and a system that would be around for long to enjoy your investment. It makes no sense investing in platforms that shut down after couple months.

Thank you for reading and I hope you found this useful and educative.