Watch Out!!! The "Get Rich Quick Schemes" Are Back.

Today, I received a mail today from a long time get rich quick platform/ Hyip I used a long time ago (around 2018). The mail was a reminder that they're "back and better" and investors should make the best out of the the crashing market by investing their cryptos with them.

Although I was lucky enough to not have been involved with their platform when I learnt they crash, I was quite surprised at how confident they must be to send emails to their previous victims letting them know they're back in the business. They probably felt it was better to keep rolling with the already made name they had before than create a new name/ brand but yeah, it's the bear market and I was kinda expecting a rise in get rich quick scam platforms already.

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These are despirate times, it's the bear market and money is obviously not flowing around like it used to. Nft sales are on the low, the market cap of the industry is down by ×3 of what it was 8 months ago and almost everyone's portfolio (if not everybody) is bleeding. Like many bear markets in the past, this is the period where many scam platforms are launched to make money off new and unexperienced crypto investor. There isn't much money flowing around to buy crypto so this is a great time for scammers to get scam people and rob them of their cryptos.

These get rich quick schemes cmostly appear to be some form of investments for daily, weekly or monthly returns but are infact far from the real deal. They're ponzi schemes, aren't dependable or sustainable and are only here to take from us.
They're gonna be popping up in massive numbers as the market crashes further and would appear so promising and true.

Keeping your cryptos and buying more in preparation for when the market recovers has always been the best strategy to surviving the bear market. Crypto isn't a get rich quick scheme but can get you rich quick if only we're patient with it. So guys, watch out for these scam platforms and keep your cryptos safe!!!


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